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Morgan Freeman reveals his number one travel tip
Morgan Freeman reveals his number one travel tip

Celeb: Morgan Freeman interview

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This week, Oscar-winner and star of Batman Begins, actor Morgan Freeman, answers the Getaway questionnaire.

Q: What's your favourite place to holiday and why?

A: My favourite place I'm not going to tell you and why, 'cos I don't want nobody to find it, but it's somewhere in the Caribbean.

Q: What's your number one travel tip?

A: Don't wear metal when you go to the airport — take all the metal off before you get there so you don't have to undress.

Q: When you're packing, what's an item you never leave home without?

A:My passport … and my credit card.

Q: Ultimate travel experience?

A: Outer space. I'd like to go to the space station.

Q: Have you been to Australia?

A: Oh yes.

Q: Favourite travel experiences about Australia?

A: Do you know that Hyatt on the harbour? My first trip to Australia I was at that hotel. I had a great suite and a butler. That's a seminal travel experience.

Then, I got three days to hang out at either the Barrier Reef or the Outback. I chose the Outback so I had three days at Alice Springs, Uluru and had great experiences.

I've been to Australia since then, but that was the first trip and it was memorable.

Q: Who are three people you'd like to be stranded with on a desert island?

A: Nobody (Laughs).

Q: Tell us something about your character in Batman Begins and what as the most fun about playing Lucius Fox?

A: I think this is the most fun about playing Lucius Fox. The movie is out, it's a great movie and we can look back and say we had fun shooting it and it's a terrific movie. I think the aftermath is the best part.

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