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Celeb Getaway: Ashton Kutcher and Rob Corddry

Thursday, May 8, 2008
What are your favourite vacation spots and why?
A: Favourite vacations spots ... come on do you wanna?
R: I like wandering medieval streets of Europe. I don't care what the city is but I like doing that. Pick a city you know, Budapest that's a good one ... old streets.
A: Well, my favourite place I'm not going to say because I don't want to reveal it to the world because I don't want other people there because right now it's basically an inhabited island.
R: It's Lake Michigan.
A: Lake Michigan but with no cars only golf carts so I don't want to sell too much information on that.
R: Is it Daytona?
A: What? God damn it, Rob.
R: It's Daytona beach, hit it.
A: Rob, Rob I'm trying to keep Daytona a secret to the world. I love Byron Bay as a vacation spot. I've only been there once or twice. I take that back, I've been there twice but would go back in a heartbeat whenever I have 14 hours to fly halfway across the world.

So what's your number-one travel tip — both of you?
R: Ambien.
A: Pack light. Just pack light. You don't need all that stuff.
R: I have a man purse when I travel. It's an athletic-looking one and it looks like a tiny backpack.
A: It's like a fanny pack.
R: It's a fanny pack that you put around your shoulder.
A: It's a shoulder, fanny pack; it's a shoulder pack.
R: Guide-book sized.

What do you never leave home without when you travel?
A: Passport.
R: My wife.
A: Really?
R: Yeah.

Do you have an ultimate travel destination; somewhere you've never been before and always wanted to go?
A: I would really like to go to Egypt just to have a gander, just to check out those pyramids. I've never been to Japan but I think I'm going in August so I'm pretty excited about that also. I'd like to go see Santa at the North Pole to see if he really is there, rumour has it that he is. And I'd like to go scuba diving beneath the Arctic Reef.

You've got a long list
A: Yeah, and maybe climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
R: That's where I want to go Africa like in the Toto song. I want to do everything in the Toto song. I want to bask in the shade of Kilimanjaro. I want to eat wild boar.
A: I am actually looking forward to going to Malawi.
R: That's not a place, that's not a place.

Are you sure you are going there?
A: I'm going to go there at some point to help some people there. I'm looking forward to it.

Your favourite travel experience in Australia?
A: I did a 13-day tour of Australia knocking off Melbourne, Sydney and hanging out in Byron Bay. It was pretty extravagant — learnt how to surf and I drank a lot of beer. I mean Australian girls can drink, I mean I've never been so impressed with a woman's ability to hold down booze in my life. I went to college with a lot of alcoholics, but let me tell ya, Australian people can really put them back and I appreciate it. I appreciate it and I actually saw the sunrise over Bondi beach one morning because it was a long night, it was actually the end of a long night it wasn't really an intentional morning thing but we went to this fence we had to climb on this cliff to watch the sunrise from the east that was pretty fabulous. That's where the sun rises, from the east.
R: How romantic.
A: It was romantic; I was hitting on the publicist. There was a Fox publicist in Australia and I really thought I would close the deal but she was just a stiff gal, she would not.
R: It's all business with these girls.
A: And that's the trick about those Australian girls because you think that their drinking so much that it's going to make things easier. It doesn't, it really doesn't make things easier you know. You really think you've got a one up but you don't.
R: I lost a friend to Australia, I've never been but I lost a friend. Catriona come back to us, we miss you ... haven't heard from you in years ... we were best friends at one time.

That publicist is probably going to be watching this
A: She's a sweet gal.

User comments
the age difference is what's gonna kill his and demi's marriage. he is obviously thinking of being with a younger women already i give their marriage 2 years and it will be ova look what happened to rod stewart and rachel hunter...............
Come on, the guy had a life before Demi, ok!!? He could have done this trip years ago and great! he loved it doesn't mean he'd do it now unless he brought Demi, the guy is gold!
and Demi probably have one of those "arrangements". You know? Where he can do whoever he likes as long as he doesn't divorce her? You know the ones? Like all the stars have! lmao
I remember when Just Married came out, Ashton came to Australia to promote it with Brittany Murphy. It's possible he travelled around the country on that trip or maybe earlier, before Demi.
wait till Demi reads this one dam dat boy gona get the beats down...hahahaha unless they have managed to come to terms with her just ageing and he needs new BADABING... he can BADABING me any day...nice goin ASHTON!!!
Ashton is like my dream man, soooo hot and sexy, come back to Aus i'll watch the sunrise and sunset with you.
How dare Ashton have been chasing girls before he got married to a womant that already has three kids to her previous moviestar husband! In the interview, he didn't say when this trip to Australia took place.....
Seen as they are talking about the movie What Happens in Vegas, and this episode of Getaway airs this week,i think its pretty recent .. therefore yes, Ashton is married to Demi.
who cares if he is married to demi moore... he's hot! wish i could watch the sunrise with him at bondi lol
That is really strange.. I was wondering the same thing. What would Demi Moore say if she saw this? Unless it's probably really old or something, like a few years back.

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