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Celeb Getaway: Patrick Dempsey

Thursday, May 1, 2008
What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
My favourite vacation spot? Big Sur California is very nice, I like that. I like going to Maine; it's a great vacation spot for me, going back home. And I had a great time going to Scotland to do the movie. That's one of the reasons why I did the movie — so I could go to Scotland — I'd never been there; I liked Europe a lot. Sydney Harbour is a great spot; that's a pretty amazing place to be. Where else is a good place to go? Tropical, tropical; I'm still on the search for the best tropical. The quest continues.

What would be your number-one travel tip?
Private jet travel is the best. Travelling is hard; it's a nightmare, certainly with everything you hear about Heathrow and everything right now. Travelling through there is very difficult. Less is more when you travel. If you can send stuff, I would send it and then make sure it's there and then don't carry too much on the plane with you.

What do you never leave home without?
A watch, cell phone.

What's your ultimate travel destination? Somewhere you've never been before.
I'd like to go to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix. I haven't done that and I think I might get a chance to do that while we're promoting Made of Honour so I hope to be able to do that. I’ve had a couple of opportunities but I haven't been able to make it at the last minute, which is too bad.

What was your favourite Australian travel experience?
I think Sydney Harbour, taking a boat to — I forget what the restaurant was — and travelling around in it.

I think that might have been it. I was working with an Australian actor and I had dinner at his house and he has a lovely house on the Harbour.

Who was that?
Brian Brown — a great guy; and his family, great family. That was pretty special; that's a wonderful piece of property there and he's a really great guy.

What was the best thing about making this movie for you?
The travel certainly, Scotland, the countryside and the people that I met. So it was a nice vacation. It was a working vacation to have my family over there and we shot a lot in England so [we spent time] outside London, Woodstock. It had a sense of history and the architecture, all of that, I think initially is what drove me to go and do it.

Most people are used to seeing you as McDreamy and in Enchanted. Tell them about your character in this film.
Well, I think this is an old fashioned romantic comedy and it's a slightly different character to what I've been playing, but it's fun. There's a little bit more slap stick to it and hopefully people are entertained by it.

And we don't get to see you in a wedding dress?
No, you get to see me in a very short kilt though, it's like a mini kilt. I'm working on a leg modelling campaign now.

User comments
***1ST*** McDreamy you can come and stay at my place any time.

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