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Celeb Getaway: Will Ferrell

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Your favourite vacation spot and why

W: I'm going to say Hawaii right now because it's very tropical and it's relatively close to Los Angeles — it's only a five-hour flight and you feel like you're a world away. Plus we stole it from the Hawaiians — that's always a good feeling..

So what's your number one travel tip?

W: Well. I'm a huge fan of getting multiple Malaria shots regardless where you go on the planet. In fact I carry a Malaria shot kit with me and I'll actually administer shots to my fellow travellers whether they want them or not. So if you feel a prick at the back of your neck, it's me giving you a Malaria shot.

What do you never leave home without when you travel?

W: Malaria shot kit, number one. A lot of bandaids, bring a lot of bandaids. Suntan lotion and that's it. I don't really travel with clothes or money or anything — I just hope people recognise me and give me things.

What would be your ultimate travel destination?

W: I'd love to go — and I hope no one takes offence to this — to New Zealand. Never been to New Zealand,. That would be great, I'd like to go there. Fiji maybe. Swiss Alps, Burbank — I'd love to go to Burbank, never been to Burbank

You've been to Australia right?

W: I have.

What was your favourite travel experience inside Australia?

W: I loved going to Perth. No, I've never been there. Well you know when you go, unfortunately when you go to do press in Australia, you just go to Sydney and one day in Melbourne, so that's all I've really seen and they were both lovely, lovely places but I would love to have seen more of Australia.

What was the best thing about making Semi Pro?

W: Best thing was getting to play basketball every day. I'm a huge basketball fan and [it was great] getting to play with these other athletes, some of whom have played professional ball in Australia where they say it's an interesting place to play sometimes because you don't get paid apparently. If a team's not doing well, uh oh, your cheque's not there. Yeah, and you know, I love the '70s and all that stuff and it was also fun to relive what it was like to be in the ABA, which was this horrible, rinky-dink league that was trying to survive the whole time so all those things were made fun of [in the movie].

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