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Celeb Getaway: Jessica Alba

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is your favourite vacation spot and why?

That's a tough one. I'm into hotter, rather than colder, weather. I love tropical destinations and to be honest, I have to say Australia — I'm actually thinking of going there next year. I worked there as a kid and it is one of the most beautiful places and the people are so friendly. I love it there — from Byron Bay and Noosa Heads to Sydney city and the coast — it's great.

What was your favourite travel experience in Australia?

One of them was going up to the Great Barrier Reef and going horse back riding and scuba diving. Actually not scuba diving, I snorkelled there because you don't even need to dive to see everything — you just free dive with a snorkel and it's incredible. The water is so warm and it's one of the natural wonders of the world. It's really phenomenal. And I love that Australia is so sustainable — you don't get a lot of foreign influences or products. Everything seems to be made in Australia, or New Zealand or Tasmania. I think it's awesome that a lot of things are just natural, organic and get recycled. It's just a really great country.

What's your number one travel tip, given you travel so much?

If you can, always bring some kind of cosy blanket or cosy pillow, even if it's just a travel pillow. Room spray, because you never know what kind of smell you're going to get in any kind of room. iPod and iPod speakers — small ones are good. A book, although you can always get those at airports. But the blankets, the room spray and the iPod — those are good.

What do you never leave home without?

My cell phone. Actually I do leave home without my cell phone, I digress.

When you travel in particular, what do you never leave home without?

My computer. You can stay connected without ever having to be home, which is nice.

Do you have an ultimate travel destination, somewhere you've always wanted to go?

Yes, Africa. Africa is the next big trip. I love Tokyo though, it's a great city. I love Europe as well, but as far as a chill-out vacation, the hot places are the best for sure.

What was the best thing for you about making this film?

The best thing about making this film was being able to make it. I've wanted to do a horror movie for a while and I'm a fan of the genre so being able to do something like this is great — having audiences go on a journey with the character, freaking people out and having them respond immediately. I like to see people talk to the screen and gasp and interact. Comedies and horror movies are both great genres for that.

I'm assuming you wore contacts lenses — how comfortable was that?

I had contacts that were about this big that covered my entire eye. That was crazy, but I think it was great because it showed how painful and serious the surgery is. It's interesting — the fact that some people go from being completely blind to seeing, is incredible. Medicine is really incredible.

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