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Catriona talks about Valentine's

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Getaway catches up with Catriona to chat about Valentine's Day

Q: What would you recommend for a romantic getaway?

Catriona: I know that the essence of Valentine's is to be with someone who makes your heart sing, it's not so much the place as the person ... but may I pick a favourite ''romance'' story I filmed for Getaway? On the Hawkesbury River are the most romantic private ''shacks'' that you can rent for however long you like. We're talking private beaches, dreamy views and pure escapism. If you can't find love here, you're just not trying.

Q: What's your favourite Valentine's holiday destination? Any funny or crazy experiences?

Catriona: When you're on the road as much as I am, you'll claim any moment with your beloved as pretty darn romantic. But the Fresh Farmer and I recently took a train to Paris for 48 hours. A friend recommended a tiny hotel in The Trocadero area called Hotel Garvarvi. We thought it was because it was so cheap, but when we made it to our room that just fitted a bed, we opened up the French doors to be greeted by the most magnificent view straight out to The Eiffel Tower ... just writing to you about it has me all mushy.

Q: What is the most romantic city in the world?

Catriona: Hmmmm, I'm going out on a limb here and anointing Cusco as my city of love. This once golden city (literally) at the base of Machu Pichu, mesmerises all with its architecture, Incan history and the lack of oxygen at that height leaves us all a bit giddy.

Q: Do you think Valentine's Day is romantic or over-rated?

Catriona: It really ticks me off when you get those boring sticks in the mud who declare the day over-commercialised or that ''every day should be Valentine's Day''. Oh get over yourselves. Enjoy the mush for what it is and tell someone cute you love them.

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