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Celeb: Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson

Thursday, February 7, 2008
What are your favourite vacation spots and why?
Matt: Peruvian jungle and anywhere on the road with a trailer.
Kate: Port Douglas was probably one of the most
beautiful places I've ever been. I also really loved South Africa. I'd like to explore Africa a little more.
Matt: There's a lot to explore.
Kate: Yeah, I'd like to go to Rwanda.

What's your number one travel tip?
Matt: If you're going, if you've got time and you really go for a getaway, go for long enough until you feel like you would never have to leave. Do that and live there. Then it's okay to come back, because you've given the place the justice it deserves. That's what I do every time I go travelling. Stay long enough until I go, 'I can live here, I can do this'.
Kate: Okay, but some people have day jobs! Some people have to have a nine-to-five job.
Matt: We're talking about travel. Oh, that's when it's okay to come back.
Kate: Oh, okay, I see.

What's your tip, Kate? Kate: Mine is taking all jetlag remedies, if you're going far, because I think…
Matt: I tell you what I hate ... jetlag. The jetlag to Australia was tough.
Kate: …like oils to help you sleep. They have homeopathic things you take.
Matt: Like melatonin. Kate: Like melatonin. Also, stay hydrated, because I know for women, we travel a lot ... your skin…
Matt: Eat the local food right off the bat.
Kate: Okay, but she's asking for travel tips.
Matt: It's a travel tip.
Kate: Well, obviously you're going to eat the local food.
Matt: Go down the back alley and try the local local flavour, that's my tip.

What was your best travel experience within Australia? Kate: Port Douglas was mine.
Matt: Port Douglas and I did a road trip. We came down to Sydney. Port Douglas because we had Mossman Gorge there with the rainforest and it's married to the Barrier Reef. So to have those two completely different climates and so close to each other … I had a ball between the two of those.
Kate: And when we were in the Gold Coast, I went to Byron Bay a lot. I just love Byron Bay.

What was the best thing about making this movie?
Kate: Locations. That was the best thing and being together again. But as difficult as it was to work with the elements — and to work on water can be really difficult and it was a long shoot — we were in such a beautiful place. We had to go to Bay Beach, which was gorgeous. So it was really a spectacular experience.
Matt: I was living just where we were working so it didn't feel like we went home and then went to work and then went home. It was in a beautiful spot. It was wild.

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