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Celeb: Jules does the YMCA and gives us his top NYE tips

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Getaway catches up with Jules Lund on his top tips for New Year's.

Q: Where is your favourite place to spend New Year's Eve?

Jules: I don't think I've ever spent NYE in the same place in my life. If I can tick off beers, buddies and beach then I'm a happy chappie.

Q: Where were you on your best New Year's ever? If you had only one New Year's Eve, where in the world would you spend it?

Jules: I've always wanted to do Times Square NYC for the countdown. But I'd love to do it in style. Private party overlooking the madness, rather than being shoulder deep in it.

Q: What are your New Year's Eve survival tips?

Jules: Dismiss all New Year's resolutions until after your holidays. Surely January 1 is the worst possible time to try and stop drinking, smoking and eating plates of nachos the size of your head.

Q: What is your new year travel resolution?

Jules: Get the hell out of Melbourne. I've been burnt in the past. Looking forward to a sunny holiday all year and reaching New Year's only to realise that Melbourne was the town summer forgot.

Q: Any new destinations you'd like to see?

Jules: Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Croatia, Oman, Bolivia, Vietnam, Namibia, Scotland...

Q: What is the craziest or funniest thing that's ever happened to you while filming? Most memorable blooper?

Jules: Walking out on stage wearing nothing but bum-less chaps and a purple G-string to hundreds of drunk American women, while performing 'YMCA' with the Thunder From Down Under in Vegas. The memory still haunts me. In fact, my therapist has advised I only discuss it in the company of trained professionals, to avoid undoing all the work we've achieved

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