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Celeb: Dermott talks about his nude run and reveals his secrets for New Year's Eve

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Getaway catches up with funny man Dermott on his top tips for New Year's.

Q: Where is your favourite place to spend New Year's Eve?

Dermott: Anywhere with my children, Keely and Devlin.

Q: Where were you on your best New Year's ever? If you had only one New Year's Eve, where in the world would you spend it?


  • a) At the "old" family farm with family and heaps of friends.
  • b) Take my kids to Las Vegas so they could see what partying is really about!

Q: What are your New Year's Eve survival tips?

Dermott: Don't disagree with anything your partner says (no good can come from it!).

Q: What is your new year travel resolution?

Dermott: To pay all my parking fines before I go travelling. I end up paying double on every parking fine.

Q: Any new destinations you'd like to see?

Dermott: I've never been to the Greek Islands. And come to think of it, I'd like to see Mogadishu as well!

Q: What is the craziest or funniest thing that's ever happened to you while filming? Most memorable blooper?

Dermott: On a sandhill in Namibia, I put all my clothes down to do a nude run to give the crew a laugh. When I got back, four German tourists were gathered around the clothes pile! I told them we were filming a porno.

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