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Celeb: Jerry Seinfeld

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getaway catches up with Jerry Seinfeld.

Q: Let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why...

Jerry: Favourite vacation spot, oooh. Well here's the thing, I don't like vacations because I don't like … cause I feel like you're going to watch people who are working and living in their normal lives and I feel like they're looking at me going 'why don't you go and do your job why are you staring at us for we're just living here what are you staring at us'. It's very gawky, it's very, it's kind of stalky. You know what I mean, you go to some foreign city and you just kind of look at all these people and they're just like, 'well what do you want, why are you looking in on me?' So my … we have a little house in Long Island which is … and I live in the city, my real home is an apartment in New York City. So I go out to Long Island, I feel like I'm not home, but I'm home.

You should get a little house in the country. I think that's the greatest vacation. 'Cos you feel like you're not home but it's … you know the toilet, you know the sink, you know just how to adjust the faucet. There's nothing, it's not a vacation if you don't know how to make the shower the right temperature, that's work. A vacation is when you get in that shower and you just … you know the handle motion. You know what I mean?

Q: So what's your number one travel tip when you do travel?

Jerry: Number one travel tip. Pack light, eat right, work tight. That's mostly for comedians, but don't take, plan on buying the clothes that you're gonna need, most of them. Don't let fear rip your packing. When people pack they operate from fear. What if I don't have this kind of jacket if it gets chilly, well you can get a jacket. Wherever you go they have jackets. Don't let fear run your life. That's my vacation travel tip.

Q: What do you never leave home without?

Jerry: Never leave home without dental floss, underwear and socks. Do you mean just going out for a few minutes or just on a trip?

Q: On a trip.

Jerry: Well you need your clothes, you need your health and beauty supplies and, but minimum, the absolute minimum, who cares what you look like in a foreign country.

Q: So I know you've been to Australia before … what was your best Australian travel experience?

Jerry: Australians. You know Australians are like, if you think of humans as like different dogs, Australians are like the golden retriever, it's like the perfect dog. You know, it's fun, it's got energy, it's got the shiny coat, you know. So to me Australians are like if I was a human breeder I would breed Australians you know. I think they would make the best pets.

Q: What's the best thing about this movie for you?

Jerry: It seems to be making lots of different kinds of people laugh. Which wasn't really my intention … same thing with the television show, it wasn't really our intention to be appealing to lots of different kinds of people. We really tried to make a show for our own friends and then it turned out having a kind of broader appeal and the movie seemed to have a similar quality. Like I've heard about people telling me that kids liked it. My mother watched it with some friends of hers in Florida and they're all like 90 and they were laughing at it. So I really get a kick out of that.

Q: What's your your ultimate travel experience, if you could go anywhere in the world?

Jerry: Well it's tough to beat Italian food. When you go to Italy & you eat their food in their restaurants or just the little sandwich places or just any small town in Italy just go & just eat. I just like to eat in Italy. That's my favourite vacation if you're forcing me to leave, you know, home. Or have a drink with Australians. That would be the other great thing. A beer with Australians or eat with Italians.

Q: What a choice!

Jerry: Yeah that's the choice. Sounds good!

Q: Sounds great thank you

Jerry: You're welcome.

User comments
The thing I like about Jerry Seinfeld is his laid back, non serious attitude. To have a successfull show "about nothing" is really quite unique and his style of humour captures that attitude.
I don't support Jerry Seinfeld one bit not after his comment about the first and the last visit he came to Australia Melbourne. His remark was ' Australia is the *** end of the world and he had to climb back up the aresehole to get back to America!' Now he wants us to support him and his new movie? Yeah right!
haha i gotta say that i love jerry! And that compliment about us being the ultimate dog...speechless, thats how it left me, to think that we got the ultimate compliment from Jerry S =) Like i mean i just woke up, im a teen you see so its like 1 pm as i write this, but the point is i wake up, log into msn, news bar pops up and what do you know jerry S says that aussies are awsome =D hehehe and to be incredibly bias i must agree with him, we are playful, gregarious, energetic, larikins and easy going, and we got the great shinny coat appeal...hehe and even if golden retreivers-labridors rnt the cleverest of dogs... I DONT SEE ANY OTHER KIND OF DOG ON THOSE AWSOME TOILET PAPER ADDS =)

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