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Celeb: Celine Dion

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Getaway catches up with Celine Dion.

Q: What's your best Australian travel experience?

Celine: Well every time I went to Australia it felt like home and I think it's a compliment, because there is no place like home. And if you are away from home and you feel home it means it's amazing, the people are very extraordinary. You're lucky because you have beaches there and I remember playing golf a couple of times. Perth was a magnificent journey. I think I played golf if I remember in Melbourne as well. I went to the beach in Sydney. I mean we've done a few little … we never stayed long enough to do so much. But I did a boat trip, I played golf twice, I went to the beach, I shopped. I think there was a store if I remember called Bare and remember that store … I wanted this kind of leather vest, I wanted so bad and I was on a day off when we travelled with the car and I was on a non-speaking day. And I was pointing to my folks in the car, 'that's the store I want to go', but they did a little trick on me, they kind of ignored me because it was my birthday coming and they went to the store the day before and they got me the shirt I wanted. So it was a funny thing. But it's, ya know, I think the best is yet to come for me to discover even more beauty of your country, I mean with my mum, my son and my husband. Soon … next year … and I'm sure we're gonna have time to take the time to visit and appreciate even more of your beautiful country.

Q: What's the most memorable place you've ever been lost?

Celine: Lost, probably in every shopping mall every time I go. And believe you me, I'm not trying to find myself, easy exit. I can get lost in every store. I do not remember getting lost to be honest and I hope if I did I really wanted to forget it. It's probably not a good feeling.

Q: Where would you most like to live in the world?

Celine: You know it doesn't matter for me where I live because I have to say when we moved here in Las Vegas, I thought my home was in Montreal. It is. We're building a house in Florida which will become my home again, but we made our home here in Las Vegas for five years. Wherever the heart is, this is where the home is and for the last five years we lived here, so I call Las Vegas my home and when we move, me, as long as I'm with my entourage and my entourage is my husband and my son. As long as I have my two men it doesn't matter. I'd move to Australia or Japan or Asia … it would be an adaptation, but as long as I'm with my people, my heart beats home. That's where I am.

Q: What is your ultimate travel destination?

Celine: It would be too easy for me to say home, but it is true. Every time I have a break and I go home it's the best vacation. There's beautiful places in the world that I've been. I don't want to say too much because if I want to go back I want to be left alone, I don't want to tell you all my secrets. But the Bahamas I love very much. Exuma especially. It's beautiful.

Q: What do you never leave home without?

Celine: My son. Sometimes my husband has to stay for business stuff but most of the time my husband and my son.

Q: Can you talk about what audiences can expect?

Celine: A brand new show and very modern probably very fresh dynamic, up-tempo, uplifted, edgy a little bit. Let's put it this way. Same Celine. I will be singing my previous repertoire that is a for sure, but I have a new album that is called Taking Chances, the songs are more powerful, definitely more edgy. I will be performing that as well. And we're creating the show with Jamie King, it is the first time working with him and he's worked with magnificent, extraordinary talented people. He's done amazing work so it's a thrill. You know it's refreshing for me because I've been in Las Vegas for five years and we have done an amazing theatrical show, but it's amazing, back to back we can give totally, two different shows. I'm very thrilled I can't wait. And I love your country.

Q: Can you tell me more about taking chances and what was the best thing about making this album?

Celine: I was impressed that the songwriters and composers had this to offer me. I haven't shared anything with them. I was really withdrawn here in Las Vegas, even though I was on stage every night I was not in show business, it felt for me that I did not have a career for five years you know. They came and offered me those songs and it's like it felt that every song corresponded exactly to how I feel right now, five years later, or nine years later should I say because I haven't recorded for so long. So it's been, it's like time passed but we evolved together without communication. And the songs now are, like, powerful, I can afford to sing and say things now that I could not afford 10 years ago for example and that is luxury.

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