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Delta Goodrem

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What was it like to growing up in Sydney?
I had a really wonderful childhood and I feel really lucky. I grew up out of the city, so when we came in on a visit I would always think how beautiful Sydney is. Standing here ... looking around at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, you never get bored. And you can always find new little parks to sit at, new little coffee shops to go to … there's no place like Sydney.

Where did you travel as a family when you were growing up?
We did travel a lot as kids and my brother and I had an absolute ball, as you do as kids. We would always go to the theme parks like Disneyland and Disney World. Our main passion as a family was skiing and we would go to every ski place you can imagine. Even though we loved Australian summers, we would always source out the winter spots because we were passionate about skiing. We would try all these different fields but we would often go back to Vale and Colorado.

What's your favourite travel experience in Australia?
I used to love going to Melbourne where we visited relatives and did lots of shopping.

What's your number one travel tip?
Pack really well and when you go into the hotel room, spend the first 10 minutes unpacking. Unpack straight away when you get there, sort everything out, maybe bring a candle or a photo or something and some fresh flowers. Always personalise the rooms, even when you're on holidays, so they feel really cosy ... like it's your little sanctuary.

What's your favourite drink on holiday?
In the tropical places ... fruit cocktails. If you're in the wintry ones, when you're going skiing, it's nice to have some schnapps or some hot chocolate on the mountain ... with lots of marshmallows.

What was the best thing about making your new album?
It was the fact that I took my time with it. I stopped writing after Mistaken Identity and cleared my head of everything and got to really move on from a lot of that head space. To be able to find the love of music again, to find catchy choruses and lyrics that mean something but still everyone can relate to.

What is your first single 'In This Life' about?
It was written just after Christmas this year with a team of people. We had no inhibitions when we were writing. It was completely game on, we always say it's like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. It was a lot about acceptance, letting go, feeling free — all those things that are important in life.

How is this different from your other albums?
I am always learning and (laughs) who knows what will happen in the next year or two, but I just know there was a lot of healing, learning to let go and learning to laugh.

Everyone is talking about your great new look ... are you having fun?
I just really enjoy clothes now, you know, from travelling so much and finding different little boutiques in London and having some stylish friends and … I was honestly a late developer when it came to getting interested in really girly things. Even though I was always feminine, it took me a little while ... I was really interested in music and I loved doing music and then I was, you know what, I do enjoy this, I want to get dressed up, I want to look nice, I want to wear this. I just have lots of fun with it now.

What was it like to sing at the Sydney Opera House?
It was an absolute delight. We sang in the small room, although I did try to push for the bigger room (laughs).

What was it like to sing at the Commonwealth Games last year in Melbourne?
I thought I was having a heart attack as I was coming up, as it was raising I thought I was having an out-of-body experience. My heart was going so fast. Then they came in backstage and … the candles on, quite relaxed, you know, getting hair and make-up and warming up (dings) … and they came in and said, '10 minutes to go'. So we had to run and I heard the Queen say 'the Games are now open' and we were sort of standing there and then I was so nervous. As soon as the fireworks came out I relaxed and loved every second of it. I felt really honoured and wanted to do a good job for Australia.

What would be your ultimate travel experience?
I enjoy wherever we are as long as we're healthy and happy. You can put me in any environment. I'm looking forward to performing again. I'm looking forward to doing my tours and getting back into the arena. I want to enjoy every single moment, no matter where I am.

Where would you really love to sing ... anywhere in the world?
There are so many different places in the world. You should never say you're bored. I just love to get back into arenas ... anywhere there's an arena, that's my home.

It's amazing to have 20,000 people singing your songs back to you. Madison Square Garden in New York would be amazing. Or Wembley in London is a great venue; or the Sydney Superdome, which I did last time, is great.

What was the best thing about making this album?
We had so much fun. I got to work with many creative people … I learnt I had to get out of the head space I was in when making Mistaken Identity and be able to find a place where I could laugh a lot more about things, not take things so seriously, write songs ... relate to people.

I'm really in love with it, I'm really in love with the songs and I think they're a lot of fun. They still mean a lot. I don't feel exposed like I did on the first album, like they're still in my own heart … it's a nice feeling.

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