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Celebrity: Claire Danes talks travel

Thursday, September 6, 2007

So, we'll start with your favourite vacation spot and why?
Claire: Um, ohhhh, well any place that has a good beach I'm happy to go to. Because I live in New York City and it's very concrete and um, and very cold throughout much of the year so a reprieve from that is always welcome.

Any particular favourite beach?
Claire: I actually lived in Bondi for quite a while and I love Bondi, so yeah. But actually the islands in the Philippines are really beautiful too.

Great. What is your number one travel tip?
Claire: I'm really not an authority to speak about travelling because I certainly have a lot of practice and I still do it in the sloppiest way. But I'm getting … I'm getting better. I've always been tempted to pack, you know, more … better safe than sorry. But I'm starting to amend that. I think maybe the reverse is true. I think pack what you can unpack easily.

So what do you never leave home without?
Claire: I always carry my jewellery on my person now cos I had a little scare, I thought I lost my entire jewellery collection at one point. But um, miraculously it just kind of remanifested in my closet after a week of my having been convinced that I'd lost everything. But I had just decided, and obviously I was wrong, that somebody had stolen it from my bag. But it was a good lesson to learn in the most gentle way possible. But take your jewellery with you … and necessary medication.

I know you spent a lot of time in Australia, what was your favourite travel experience while you were in Australia?
Claire: I guess Byron. It was so beautiful and there's this lake where all the tea trees emit their oil so you can have this very healing dip, so I loved that.

Is there an ultimate travel destination you haven't been to yet?
Claire: I'd love to go on safari in Africa. I've never been to Africa. I would love to heaps of places in Europe I've never been that I would love to explore.

Great. Now talking about this movie: what was the best thing about this movie for you?
Claire: Well, there's the obvious appeal of playing a kind of princess from outer space who you know, um, gets to fall in love and ride unicorns and all that. But um, actually the best thing for me about this movie was working with Charlie, Charlie Cox who played Tristan. Just because he's an incredibly kind, sincere, charismatic guy, in addition to being a really really gifted actor.

And how would you describe this movie? Because it's not a kids' movie and it's not a date movie. How would you describe it for someone who…
Claire: Um, well it's hard to categorise. Um, it falls into a lot of genres. I think it could be described as a romantic comedy or an action movie or certainly a fantasy movie. Possibly even a thriller! But um, you know, you get a lot of movie for the ticket.

Great, thank you.

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