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The Bourne Ultimatum: Matt Damon

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
My favourite vacation spot is tough because I've been to a lot of really wonderful places in the world. Um, let's see … this isn't bad here I have to say which doesn't help people who live here because they're looking to go some place else but, um the Caribbean is beautiful. But I'd say here. Like, one of the best vacations I ever had was a few years ago to Sydney with my wife and my step-daughter, my mother-in-law, my brother [and] his wife and their kids and it was … for us it's the other side of the world so it's just, ah, it feels like a pretty big adventure.

And where did you go?
All over Sydney. I mean we just spent literally a week ... I mean to us, this [a] city, (laughs) you don't get cities that are quite this clean in America…

Clean, that was the biggest thing you noticed?
Among other things, yeah it's definitely noticeable, to have a city that has 600 miles of coastline within the city proper and to be able to just go around and we took a boat around the harbour just to see everything and, um, yeah that's a rare thing. It's a pretty incredible city.

What would be your number one travel tip?
The obvious thing … always have your passport on you, that's the number one thing because you can't go anywhere without it. And pack as light as you can so you're more mobile.

Two things Jason Bourne would do, you'd say…
He would say both those things, actually, yeah he would say have your passport and pack light

Is there anything you don't leave home without?
I always have my wallet, I always have my passport, um, and I always have my house keys because I have had the experience of going all around the world and getting home in the middle of the night and not having your keys to your house. That is not fun.

Is there somewhere you haven't been that you see as your ultimate holiday location, your ultimate place to see?
I've never been to Fiji, that's somewhere I've always wanted to check out. Ah but I've been here… I've never been to New Zealand. I've been to Hawaii, Australia, India. We shot the second movie in Goa which was beautiful. That's another great vacation destination … Goa, which is in the south of India.

My hot spot would be Goa where we shot the second movie, opening of the second movie it is. It takes a long time to get there but it's worth it.

You filmed in a number of locations for this movie, obviously Spain, New York, Morocco. Was there anything that particularly stood out in any of those places, your favourite time?
For personal reasons I would say because it's almost impossible to choose between those European capitals because we were in Berlin, Madrid, Paris and London and they're all so different and each of them are really incredible for different reasons. But for selfish reasons we were in Madrid on Mother's Day.

We were supposed to be in New York on Mother's Day, on what was meant to be Mother's Day in America, when we celebrate it in America and I had to work so I didn't get to spend American Mother's Day with my wife. But we were actually in Madrid the week before and we had a day off and it was Spanish Mother's Day so we actually celebrated Mother's Day a week early and we had a really nice day with the kids and walked around the park. So that was my favourite memory from being on the road.

Is there a favourite city in the world?
I would say Rome would be right up there. Rome is a pretty incredible city, but all those European capitals I mentioned. New York, Sydney, they're all good cities, those are all good cities. I know that not one though … I feel like I'm whiffing on these questions, I'm not giving you good answers, um, one city ... gosh well you can't go wrong with Rome so I'll say Rome.

What was different about making the third movie, The Bourne Ultimatum?
Well the biggest change was that I have a baby now so, you know, I wasn't getting a lot of sleep which was good because the character IS supposed to look like he wasn't getting a lot of sleep, he's supposed to look paranoid and kind of exhausted, so my daughter really helped me with my role! So that was the biggest change I'd say.

Can you tell us a little bit about your training? I mean I'm sure you've talked about this a lot, but does it get easier each time?
Well it definitely gets easier because you know a little more about what works. I think for me researching a role is always this process of doing a bunch of things not knowing exactly what's going to be helpful and then later you know later, three months into [it], you go oh that really helped and that really helped or that didn't help. So to go back to a role for a second and third time, I'm much more streamlined in terms of what I need to do and what's helpful for me and what really wasn't a good use of my time and so, ah yeah, it's definitely, it's actually what actors [do]…

I heard Anthony Hopkins once say he expended a lot less energy later on in his career because now he has a much more economic approach to a role. He has so much experience and played so many different types of roles and he's researched so many different roles and prepared all these different roles that he knows as an actor what he doesn't waste a lot of energy [doing] like he did when he was younger, doing things that in the end weren't really helping him. So, ah, I kind of had that experience with this because I've played the character a few times.

What's been the best thing about making the Bourne movies?
I think the best part of making this series is going back to work with the same group of people which is something in the movies you never almost never get to do. You never … you bump into people on different movie sets and, oh yeah, what did we do together? Oh we did that one together and, you know, three years ago or 10 years ago. Whereas this, it's literally the entire crew, top to bottom, is the same so that feels really fun and, ah, it's a lot of jokes, it's a really light atmosphere. Particularly for a movie that's so intense, such a burst of adrenalin, the mood on the set is pretty light.

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