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Celeb: Daniel Craig Casino Royale

Thursday, November 23, 2006
Getaway catches up with the next James Bond, Daniel Craig, as he films Casino Royale in the glamorous city of Venice.

Q: Describe the film to people who don't know anything about it.

DC: Who are they? That's outrageous, they exist? Well its Casino Royale which is very strongly based on Ian Fleming's first novel which introduces Bond to the world, and we meet him for the first time which is kind of a suspension of disbelief, but we sort of we learn how he becomes the man he is. So he's quite raw at the beginning of the movie, he meets somebody, he falls in love, gets his heart broken and, um, and goes out for revenge basically.

Q: A few people that saw the little bits of footage have described it as — obviously much more modern — but sort of a harder-edge James Bond. Would you agree with that?

DC: It is, I mean certainly, I kind of like to look at — we've made the film for now, I mean that's the point — the movie was made this year and it's a movie that's been a sort of progression of movies that have gone before. It's still very much a Bond movie, it might be slightly harder-edged. I mean people keep on giving it a gritty edge, maybe that's just 'cause I'm in it, but, um, its um, you know, we have everything there that every Bond fan will want — the beautiful locations, beautiful girls, which is part of the whole Bond thing, and the cars, and the explosions and set pieces but, um, its … he gets, he bleeds a bit in this, you know? And so do other people. So, yeah, there's a kind of gritty, grittier … but it's not backing away from the fact we are making a Bond movie.

Q: How was it playing James Bond for you now that you've finished …

DC: I don't know, I haven't quite got my head around it yet. We finished four days ago so, um, give me six months and I'll figure it out. I mean the experience of shooting was phenomenal. I mean I've had, it's been incredibly hard work, but then it would be, it needs to be on a job like this, and physically quite demanding and mentally quite demanding, but, um, I've enjoyed every second of it. I mean I kind of … maybe we'll do it again.

Q: You did a lot of the action sequences, a lot of the stunts yourself, is that right?

DC: Yeah, I tried.

Q: What was some of the hardest sequences you did? The bit we saw with the running up the crane was amazing.

DC: Yeah that was, yeah, I mean if I was worried about heights before, I had to get over it really quickly. A lot of those sequences, that was very difficult to shoot because we were very high up and we were on a very sort of confined space and we had to fight sequences and run and you're wired up, but if you fall you fall, you fall six or seven feet, which kind of hurts, it hurts a bit, but its nothing specifically, You know you kind of work through each, we did sort of three weeks of stunt work and all I wanted to do was some acting and then we did three weeks of acting and all I wanted to do was three weeks of stunt work, so it went like that for six months, but it ... Nothing was that hard, or maybe I've just got selective memory now and I can't remember.

Q: What about the poker as well, have you refined your poker skills?

DC: I don't know how refined they were, how refined they are. I kind of win occasionally, which is good. I used to play just socially. I never really went to casinos and played, but, um, I mean, we played a lot of games. There were games going on set all the time. Mess Mickelson and Jeffery Right who plays Felix Lighter were playing constantly, so, um, yeah, and I didn't have as much time as they did to play, but yeah, it's a great game.

Q: Who would win out of the three of you?

DC: Me, it's obvious. What kind of a silly question is that.

Q: Tell me about the locations. There were all sorts of amazing locations, what were some of the best places?

DC: We started filing in Prague — which is just a beautiful city which I would recommend anybody to go and visit — and filmed in the studios there, and then we moved to the Bahamas, which is kind of getting out … I think it was minus 15 degrees centigrade, was it that cold in Prague? Minus 15 degrees centigrade in Prague … which was nippy to say the least and, um, so the Bahamas was a great relief. The trouble is, because I'm working so much, I don't get a chance to go out as much as I'd like to and I don't get a chance to see, but working in cities, usually, you experience it in a different way, um, and the Bahamas, well I don't have to say a lot about that. There's long white beaches and beautiful blue turquoise water and it's, you know... its dreamy.

Q: Have you been to Australia before?

DC: No, but I'm coming.

Q: Are you?

DC: Yeah coming with this, we're coming, we'll come and premiere the movie there in Sydney I think.

Q: Is there anything in Australia as a travel or as a holiday that you've been told or recommended to go and do or anything?

DC: Oh God yeah, everything. I mean … there's so much to do …and if I had the time I'd like to do, but, I mean, its gonna be Sydney and that's it, so I'll take the time eventually, I think maybe in the next couple of years. I'd like to get down there. I'd like to, you know, I'd like to get to the Great Barrier Reef and I'd like to go right into the bush. I mean, you've got everything there haven't you?

Q: What kind of things do you like to do on your holidays?

DC: For at least the first week I like to lie down. I like to lie down and drink cocktails and just relax, and then after that I kind of start getting a bit more active. I don't go out, I don't kind of do these sort of adventure holidays, but I mean, just getting out, eating good food, you know, doing the things you need to do on a holiday, which is just relax and chill out.

Q: What travel experience would you like to do before you die, what's your ultimate kind of thing you haven't done, or place you haven't seen?

DC: God, it was the dying bit that bothered me … Before you die what do you want to do you ... well, live a bit. That would be nice. I don't know, me and my friend, we have this sort of attitude which we say the best investment you can have is a plane ticket. You've gotta get out there. The great thing about travelling is it's always a surprise, you know? Something that's sort of on your doorstep sometimes can be the biggest surprise. I wanna get up to Macchu Picchu, I would like to get to do South America properly and I've been to Africa quite a lot, so … but then Africa is such a huge, beautiful continent, there's so many things to do there. It's an impossible question to answer everything. I'd love to go everywhere, I'd love to go to the four corners of the earth.

Q: You grew up in Liverpool, is that right?

DC: Yes and the surrounding areas. In fact Mortlake is kind of where I grew up.

Q: What would you recommend to people that were travelling to that area?

DC: Well, it's the European City of Culture 2008. I think. I hope I've got that right, and a hell of a lot's going to be happening over the next couple of years, so its going to be a good place, north-west is a good place to visit and I grew up around a place called Cheshire as well, which is incredibly beautiful countryside, and Liverpool — it's where I'm from, it's one of my favourite cities, so I highly recommend anybody who's … coming over here to do a sort of UK tour to stop in, 'cause a lots going to be happening over the next couple of years.

Q: And finally, I have to ask, it's a bit silly, but what would James Bond pack in his suitcase if he was travelling?

DC: (Thinks for a while) Nothing. He'd buy it when he got there.

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