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Celeb: Hugh Grant

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I'm happy pretty much anywhere in France, particularly the south of France. I am a sucker for the classic. I like Mediterranean light. I like girls. I like food. It feels glamorous still. I like all that.

Best travel tip?

Just drink like a fish, I think — just pass out.

What do you never leave home without?

I almost always take my golf clubs because I'm such a sad addict. It doesn't matter where I go, I'll find a golf club. I found one in the middle of the desert, New Mexico.

Favourite Aussie travel experience?

Well, I love the place! I was in Sydney and that was fantastic — good parties! I love Aussies! And then we were out in the Blue Mountains and a place called Leura and I liked all that ... eucalyptus trees, koala bears, it was nice.

What was it like working with a bear?

Quite scary to shoot. We used a real bear; there was no messing around with CGI. Although, it was basically an actor, it still wanted to kill me. I could tell it still had those instincts.

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