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Scenic Tours of South America: Part two

17:30 AEST Sat Jun 15 2013
Scenic Tours' "Icons of South America" begins in Lima, Peru and follows the footsteps of the Inca, through the Sacred Valley to the inspiring Machu Picchu. The first part of the journey has everyone pumped and wondering if it could get any better.

With Cuzco, Lake Titicaca and the Iguazu Falls next on the schedule, Catriona and her fellow travellers knew there certainly was much more excitement in store.

When the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizzaro invaded the Inca capital, Cuzco he renamed the city square Plaza De Armas or "Square of the Warrior".

The city square is used for most of the city's events and gatherings and is believed to have been the cultural heart of the Inca Empire.

The Spanish built stone arcades around the plaza with the main cathedral and Church of La Compania opening directly on to the area. The World Heritage city has a marvellous mix of Incan, Spanish and modern architecture.

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