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Getaway's top 5 must-see wonders

16:30 AEST Thu Dec 1 2011

On this week's Getaway: Believe special, the team check out the world's most awe-inspiring experiences.

Natalie Gruzlewski finds a slice of high-end Vegas-style spectacle in Singpaore's $8 billion casino hotel, Marina Bay Sands, while Kelly bravely jumps into Micronesia's Jellyfish Lake in picturesque Palau.

Meanwhile, Dermott has a once-in-a-lifetime experience seeing the Northern Lights in Finland, while Jason explores Mount Bromo in Indonesia and Giaan flies over Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Click here to view these amazing places in this gallery of Getaway's top 5 must-see wonders:

User comments
Maybe a story on the one ski resort in North America with the longest season, most snow and incredible mountain?

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