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This week's top Getaway Lounge deals

Friday, August 12, 2011
Here are this week's top deals from Getaway's free-to-join deals website, Getaway Lounge:
  • Musket Cove Island Resort, Fiji — get 50 percent off three nights with your family for just $480!
  • Camp Eden Health Retreat, Queensland, deal one — get 54 percent off a five-night stay for one adult in a valley view deluxe cabin (only $1395). Camp Eden is all about learning how to overcome whatever's holding you back.
  • Camp Eden Health Retreat deal two — get 48 percent off a five-night stay for one adult in a private Eden Sanctuary Room for $1590. Try the Eden Program to figure out exactly what your dreams are and how close you are to getting there.

Getaway Lounge is the premier online destination site that sources amazing travel deals for its members. As a member you get insider access to exclusive offers to the world's greatest locations.

Click this link to join Getaway Lounge: When you become a full member you'll receive $10 credit to get you on your way! Join now!

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