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Celeb Getaway: Heather Graham

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's your favourite vacation destination and why?

I really love going to Tulum in Mexico. The beach there is amazing. It's the perfect white sand, warm water, turquoise water and I really like guacamole.

Have you been recently? You don't have any swine flu worries about Mexico?

I haven't gone since the swine flu. No, I haven't done that.

What is it about Tulum, because I hear that from a lot of friends?

Oh my God, I feel like I shouldn't be publicising it because it is becoming so much more popular. When I first went there about eight years ago there was really nothing there and now the whole beach has hotels on it but they're ... smaller hotels. But I first went on a yoga retreat and it's really amazing. I love Mexico, Mexico's a pretty fun place to go to.

Do you have a number one travel tip?

Ah, well, I can never pack light so I always bring a lot of stuff but it's fun. I bring a lot of great stuff.

And what's the one thing you never leave home without?

Um ... I like moisturiser.

Anything in particular?

Well I like some expensive moisturisers, like Crème de la Mer and sometimes I just go to the Body Shop and get this night-time nourishing cream. I guess you've got to bring some bras.

Can you talk about your travel experiences in Australia? What's your favourite Australian spot?

Yeah I've been to Perth, which is really cool. And I stayed at this hotel which was on the beach which was fun. And I went to Sydney twice, which was amazing; actually I may have gone three times. Yeah, but Sydney's a beautiful, beautiful city and its so great to be on the water and I was actually there on New Year's once and I took this water taxi across and everyone's just very like chilled and fun.

So you saw the fireworks?

Ah-ha, and I think I went to some amazing zoo there too and, I don't know, it's great. It's just great to go there around Christmas and it's freezing [in the US] and you go there and it's summer and it's beautiful.

Have you been up the Gold Coast and further up?

You know once I went, there's a place north that's near the Barrier Reef and I made this huge ...


Yeah, that's where I went ... Cairns. Yeah I went there and made this huge effort to go there 'cos I heard it was amazing and once I got there they were like you can't go in the water 'cos there was these jellyfish in the water and they were going to sting you and kill you or whatever. So I was really bummed 'cos I was like, "Ah I flew so far to get here now I can't go swimming."

And what about an ultimate travel destination? Somewhere you've always wanted to go but haven't quite got to yet?

Well I've been to Tibet, that was amazing but I'd like to go to Nepal and I'd like to go to Africa and I'd like to go to South America and I'd like to go to Thailand, I've never been there.

So you love travel?

I do, I've been a lot of places those are like the places I haven't been.

Have you had any scary travel experiences?

You know, I've had a lot of really good travel experiences, like knock on wood. Once when I was a kid I just got out of high school I was on a train and I had all this money in a thing and I left it in the train and I got off at the wrong stop and I left everything there and I was like 18 years old and I was like "Oh my God" so I get back on and I get off at the next stop and the woman was there waiting for me, this was in Germany actually, and I mean that's kind of an amazing story.

What was the single best thing for you about filming The Hangover?

I think to be honest when I saw it and it was really funny I felt very proud to be in it.

Did you lobby for the part? I mean did you read the script and go I have to be in this?

Yeah, I mean I definitely really wanted the part. And I met with [director] Todd [Phillips] and I was a fan of Todd's work 'cos I really liked Old School and I was really psyched when he offered me the job, I was really happy.

How was it being really the only girl featured in the film?

[Laughs] It's fun. I guess I'm the only girl in the Vegas section so I guess, a lot of the movie, so it's fun, it's very fun.

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