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Two of the coolest cruises around

10:00 AEST Thu Mar 31 2011
All aboard! You haven't done cruising until you've experienced these two amazing ocean trips: Captain James Cook's replica Endeavour in Sydney Harbour and beyond, and the Wind Star on Italy's Amalfi Coast.


Giaan Rooney heard that the Australian National Maritime Museum's replica of Captain James Cook''s famous ship 'the Endeavour' will undertake an historic circumnavigation of Australia in 2011 and 2012. Anyone can register to join the crew for one or some or all of the 20 legs.

It sets sail from Sydney on April 15, 2011, to retrace the journey. And between ports the tall ship will be sailed by a core of professional crew who will teach how seafarers sailed and navigated in the 18th century.

Being a known lover of all things involved with water, Giaan was excited to join the ship on an overnight sail in Sydney Harbour. Lots of work is involved, so a knowledge of sailing and its terms as well as physical fitness are recommended.

It''s hard to imagine how Captain Cook and his crew sailed the vessel across the world to discover a 'new' land. Working conditions were relentless — four hours on, eight hours off, every day for three years. In 1768, 'the Endeavour' was at the forefront of technology'.

There were 94 men on the original journey and almost a third were lost to malaria, dysentery and hypothermia.

The sails measure more than 900 square metres and there is 29km of rope on board.

Quarters are described as 'very snug', but despite that, Giaan slept well in her own cabin. The same couldn''t be said for the sailor opposite! He fell out of his hammock at 3am so Giaan recommends thinking about paying a little extra for accommodation!

If you think you would enjoy taking part in this momentous voyage, find all the details at

Wind Star

With so much beautiful water surrounding it, Italy was made for cruising and as Jules Lund discovered, there could be no way better than aboard Wind Star, a multimillion-dollar sailing vessel. It is a wonderful blend of a 19th-century sailing ship with the luxury of an ultramodern yacht.

The Windstar Cruises' line of ships are officially motor-sail-yachts but the designation belies the vessels' rigging. Unfurling in two minutes at the push of a button, billowing white sails reach to the sky. Functions are operated from the bridge by computer and navigational devices.

The line's catchphrase is '180 degrees from ordinary'.

Wind Star carries just 312 passengers who are provided with two pools, three restaurants, two bars and several lounges. It''s all about comfort and relaxation from the word go. There are 10 therapists aboard, and for the more active, an entire sports team to keep you busy.

Unpack just once and visit half a dozen destinations. There are no formalwear occasions. By day, shorts and light shirts are the norm. For dinner, women typically wear casual sun dresses or pants suits and men generally wear lightweight slacks and a polo or button-up shirt. Dinner is served at one open seating.

There are three Windstar vessels: Wind Star, Wind Spirit and Wind Surf.


Around Australia on the HM 'Endeavour' and Italy's Amalfi Coast on the Wind Star.


HM Endeavour 2011-12 Around Australia begins on April 15, 2011, and can be boarded at various ports. It is divided into 20 legs with trips range from five to 14 days. Cost ranges from $1250 to $4000 for a hammock berth and $2500 to $8000 for a cabin berth. All meals, accommodation, general 18th-century sailing and navigation training are included.

Wind Star seven-day Athens to Athens cruise is $3400 per person twin-share. Ports of call include Mykonos, Greece; Kusadasi, Turkey; Kos, Greece; Nafplion and Ydra, Greece. Accommodation, meals and entertainment while cruising are included. As a bonus offer, two free nights'' accommodation is provided in Athens, pre- or post-cruise; and free upgrade from Category B to Category A, or US$100 per person shipboard credit.

Prices correct at March 31, 2011.

For further information

Australian National Maritime Museum
Phone: 1800 720 577
Ph: (02) 9298 3777

Travel the World
Level 1, 171 Clarence Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: 1300 804 522
Fax: (02) 9290 2812

Endeavour journey dates

The tall ship can be inspected at the following ports:
Brisbane: April 28 to May 8, 2011
Gladstone: May 21 to 26, 2011
Townsville: June 10 to 14, 2011
Cairns: June 24 to July 5, 2011
Darwin: August 3 to 14, 2011
Geraldton: September 30 to October 4, 2011
Fremantle: October 14 to November 1, 2011
Bunbury: November 9 to 13, 2011
Fremantle: November 20 to December 30, 2011
Albany: January 14 to 18, 2012
Port Lincoln: February 4 to 8, 2012
Adelaide: February 16 to 23, 2012
Portland: March 7 to 11, 2012
Hobart: March 24 to April 3, 2012
Melbourne: April 18 to 29, 2012
Eden: May 9 to 13, 2012

It will also make brief stops at Thursday Island, Broome and Exmouth.

It will be available for inspection at its home base in Sydney from June 2012.

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