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Coffees, kayaks and donkeys: good morning, Europe!

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Here's a Getaway experience with a difference. Our presenters visited 22 wonderful locations in 17 countries on five continents to bring you 24 Hours Around the World.


Scotland kayak

Natalie Gruzlewski's morning activity was on the Isle of Seil, a small island on the east side of the Firth of Lorn. It's connected to the mainland of Argyll by the beautiful old humpbacked Clachan Bridge built in 1792.

Sea Kayak Scotland is based in the Firth or Lorne, a European Special Area of Conservation and an area of National Scenic Beauty. Seil is in the heart of the world-class sea kayaking destination.

A fantastic way to enjoy some morning exercise amongst breathtaking scenery, they took Natalie on a gentle paddling journey. They supply pictures and a video or your trip.

Being at the head of an archipelago, there is an enormous amount to see. Instructors are very knowledgeable not only about kayaking, but the local area's wildlife and environment.

They supply all equipment — lightweight paddles, dry bags for your belongings, one-piece paddle suits and if you have your own equipment, you pay less.

Santorini donkey ride

Jason Dundas, Getaway's Greek Islands specialist, spent his morning on the island of Santorini. He recommends a donkey ride in the morning to the island's biggest village, Fira. It takes around 15 minutes.

Donkeys and mules are part of the charm of the island, and were once the only way farmers could get their produce down to the port for markets in Athens.

A ride is usually high on the list of things visitors want to do — particularly children. The animals are patient and friendly and are limited to six runs a day and have Fridays off, so life isn't too bad.

Mornings are generally quite warm, and Jason suggests you wear a hat and long sleeves.

Rome stand-up coffee

At around 11am in Rome, Catriona Rowntree found coffee bars and cafes buzzing. Shoppers and office workers stop for their caffeine hit. Italians adore their coffee and are very hard-markers.

Coffee making is an art form and many baristas have been refining their talent since they were children. They serve their brew with passion and pride, and it's unlikely you will find American chains in opposition to Italian coffee. The favourite of locals is a strong, short black.

Catriona has offered a few tips you may like to remember. Only tourists order cappuccino after 11am. If you ask for caffe, you will receive an espresso served in a demitasse — a small cup. Caffe macchiato is espresso stained with hot milk. Caffe macchiato is served with a little jug of milk on the side. Cappuccino comes as you would expect, and make sure you ask for a cafe latte if it's coffee you want. If you order latte, you will receive a cup of warm milk.

Another good thing to remember is that if you have your coffee standing by the bar it's cheaper than if you sit at a table.

With all that caffeine in your system, it's probably a good time to hit the fabulous shops and sights of Rome!

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Scotland, Greece and Italy.


Sea Kayak Scotland's Loch Kayaking costs around $260 a day for up to five passengers, plus $18 for equipment hire. Sea kayak hire without a guide costs around $70 a day and around $35 for additional days. A full camping package for one day is around $70, $105 for two consecutive days and $35 for extra days thereafter. They operate year-round.

Santorini donkey and mule rides are around $7.

Emirates has some fantastic fares to 25 European destinations from:

  • Perth $1710
  • Melbourne and Adelaide $1713
  • Sydney $1733
  • Brisbane $1735

These fares are available only online and for a limited time to the first 100 people to book. Log on to Sales and validity dates and conditions apply.

Prices correct at September 2, 2010.

For further information

Ph: 1300 303 777

Sea Kayak Scotland
Ph: +44 777 1918 431

Santorini Tourist Information

United Kingdom

Visas: Visas are not required for Australians entering the UK for tourism for stays of less than six months. If you wish to work, you must obtain the appropriate two-year visa in advance.
Electricity: 220V with a three-point plug.
Time: GMT.
Currency: The British pound sterling.
International dialling code: +44.


Visas: Australian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Greece.
Electricity: 220V at 50Hz electricity. Two- and three-point plugs are used.
Time zone: GMT +3.
Currency: The euro.
International dialling code: +30.


Visas: Australians don't need a visa to enter Italy for stays of up to 90 days.
Electricity: 220V with European-standard plugs, with two or three round pins.
Time zone: GMT +1.
Currency: The euro.
International dialling code: +39.

User comments
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when Catriona is in the coffee shop? It sounds like its Italian club music.
i loved this whole episode and the whole 24 hour format. I am dying to find out the name of the song played during the Rome story. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it! thanks!

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