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The Karate Kid star Jackie Chan

11:00 AEST Thu Jul 22 2010
What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
Vacation!? I haven't had my vacation for the last 30 years. I mean, right after The Karate Kid I started another movie and I've just finished another movie. And … next month there's another new movie ... Vacation? I think I have to go back to visiting my parents in Canberra, that's all.

What's your favourite travel experience in Australia?
I always mix up Melbourne and Brisbane. I always mix them up. I don't know which. Is Brisbane to Canberra a four-hour drive? Melbourne, how many hours drive? … Yeah either one. I remember one day my friends going to the casino. What's that called?

Crown. Melbourne? Brisbane?

Melbourne. See I always mix it up. I say "Oh, easy. I can drive down to see my parents." They say "No, we have a private jet." I said "No, don't take the private jet. It's only a three-hour drive." Then I call my father in the morning. I say "12 o'clock, I will be there. Wait for me in the corner." He says "Okay, okay" and hangs up. I drive and drive. Even after six hours I haven't arrived. Still driving. I mixed it up. That's the travel. I still mix up.

Is there one thing you never leave home without when you travel?
Now? Camera, yeah a camera. You can keep all the memories … Because I travel a lot, I meet so many people. But … the photos remind me of a lot of things … I have I can put them there and show the people around the good things. Like when I'm here and I see the beach, okay, so then I take photo. I show the good things and the bad things.

What was the best thing about making The Karate Kid?
I really can show the audience I can do the stunts, action, comedy and I'm a good actor too. And thank you Will Smith and Sony Pictures for trusting me. Hire Jackie, okay, without fighting.

And you had fun with Jaden Smith?
Yes, a lot of fun. Such a great kid, except sometimes he doesn't concentrate enough. Poor kid. You know he has training, school, rehearsal, sleep … I think he knew what he doing. He wants to be like his father or like me. So this why he trained so hard. He had rehearsal, school and sleep on the set … Every time I tell Jada [Pinkett Smith], I say "Do you know how lucky you are you have a son like him?" It's just so good. Anybody who has this kind of son is so lucky.

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