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Grown Ups star Salma Hayek

11:00 AEST Thu Jul 8 2010
What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
You know it changes, because I love Northern Ireland. I think that now that I travel with kids, you want to pick a vacation spot where you can feel some privacy and relaxation but also where the kids can have a great time and feel occupied and included.

So I love Nassau. I love to go to the One & Only hotel there and then also take the kids to the Atlantis. I think that everybody gets a very good vacation — grown-ups and kids.

As a veteran traveller, what's your number-one tip?
I don't know … take a good book just in case it rains.

That's a good idea, especially here in Australia. Have you been to Australia?

What was your favourite Australian travel experience?
That's a very easy one. I was diving in the Great Barrier Reef and a huge fish adopted me and stalked me throughout for about 45 minutes. I got to touch him and it was wild. I got to swim with him and I kissed him. I've never had a connection with an animal like that and I have a lot of animals. It was the most amazing experience of my life and it happened in Australia.

What was the best thing about making Grown Ups?
Getting to play with these guys [Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider]. First it was so free it was intimidating, but I don't think I will ever have another opportunity like that where you can just try anything and you have such a supportive group around you. It's okay if you mess up and it gives you space to create something completely unexpected. I loved improvising with them. They were such a joy to work with.

What surprised you the most?
How good they are constantly. I thought maybe they were going to be depressed in some moments, or not as, but they were always in a good mood, always willing to play. They could not wait to get out there and be creative and invent all these lines and they never ever run out, it was very impressive.

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