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Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Russell Brand

What's your favourite vacation spot and why?

I'd say my favourite vacation spot is … here. I go there every day. I relax there. I've got a lovely tan. It's always browner on that part of the body, for some reason. Who knows why? That is, I recommend it, but not for family holidays. But it's good for couples, newlyweds, but don't bring kids.

Any other suggestions?

France [laughs].

So what do you never leave home without?

Um, well, definitely. I need my lungs. Those guys are vital for distributing oxygen throughout the blood. Then there's the old tootsie boots for walking around and for perambulating. Then where would I be without me tippy toes? Those guys can make the feet have a glorious symmetry, then of course the elbows, there's not one part of my anatomy that I would consider leaving home without, especially not him.

When you travel, what's your number-one travel tip?

My number-one travel tip is … It's more of a peninsula, really. I like the bit, Cornwall, go there to Cornwall.

I mean, when you travel, what's a tip for when you getting on a plane?

Oh, what should I do?

Or things you do?

Don't smuggle. Smuggling is bad, you won't be able to relax. Also do listen to that bit where they go, "Even if you an accustomed flyer please listen to this bit because if there's a plane crash you will suddenly wish you had listened." Right, so, alright, bing! There is a plane crash. Right, now then, okay, put the mask on. Ah, the in-flight magazine, there's a bracelet for sale, just listen to that stuff, it's gold.

When you have a list of places that you want to go, what would be at the top of the places you haven't been yet?

Um, well in Australia I would like to go on Ayers Rock. I know you're not allowed to anymore because it's a cultural legacy for the Aboriginal people. But what if I am very gentle with it and promise not to do anything disrespectful? I'd like to go onto Ayers Rock.

Next on the list is that coral reef you've got. Now I promise I won't take too many souvenirs. Just like one for a couple of members of my family. And I might make some earrings while I'm down there.

Third on my places in Australia where I would like to go: I want to go on that bridge over Sydney Harbour.

I think they can arrange that one.

Can they? What? The others, they can't? But what if I become like Mowgli to the Aboriginal people and they say "Hold on, he's a chosen one. He's come back to liberate us."

So getting back to this movie ...

No way.

What was the best thing about making this movie for you?

I like it. I was in it starring as Aldous Snow. That was fun. I like the make-up by Nicola Schuller. Was unbelievable. That woman ... her make-up ... is unbelievable.

Now some people said I look like Widow Twankey or a pantomime dame, like I'd been done up too much. Or like someone in a bad Halloween costume or like Heath Ledger as the Joker. No, no, no. That kid's a fine make-up artist. And do you know what? There's a real Oscar buzz around her for best make-up. Real Oscar buzz. Best not talk it up too much though. Let's just let it take its course.

Jonah Hill

What's your favourite vacation spot and why?

My favourite vacation spot — and I'm not just saying this 'cos I'm on Australian TV, I swear to you — is Australia. Both Sydney and Melbourne; I love equally for completely different reasons. I thought just the people and the atmosphere in both places.

You know Sydney is a lot more serene and beautiful aesthetically and then Melbourne was more like New York, but cleaner with cooler people and prettier people. Everyone's so beautiful in Australia.

So when you travel what's your number-one travel tip? You'd have to do a lot of that.

Travel tip? I'll say this, drink a lot of water on the plane 'cos that helps with jet lag and helps you feel good when you get off the plane. And also, this iPad came out. Is that out in Australia? The Apple iPad. I thinks it's revolutionised travelling. Because you can read books you don't have to carry any books or scripts or movies. You can just have it all on there. It's pretty incredible.

Is there a place that you've never been to that you've always wanted to go?

I have two I really want to go to: Brazil and New Zealand.

And what's the one thing you never leave home without when you travel?

That's a good question. One thing I never leave home without when I go travel would probably be my iPad. Or my girlfriend, when we first started dating, got me this puka shell necklace in Hawaii. I don't wear it ever but I always travel with it.

Like a good-luck charm?

Good luck, yeah.

And just the last question about Australia, what was your favourite memory of a travel experience inside Australia?

I would say just the night life in Melbourne. And then it was interesting, when I first got to Sydney, we went to (it was for the Superbad tour) and Michael Cera and I went to Bondi Beach just 'cos we heard it was a big tourist place, I guess.

So we went there and we walked around. We got up out of the car walked around the corner and I walked into a bookstore, right, and it reminded me of my favourite book store in LA called Family. And I go, "God, it's so much like Family, this bookstore." And the woman at the desk heard me talking and she's like, "Yeah my brother owns Family in LA." So that was really surreal and interesting, weird.

So tell what was the best thing about making this movie for you?

I'd say the best thing about making this movie for me was getting to travel to all those places and shot in all these really iconic locations in London and New York and Vegas and LA and also working with Nick Stoller, the director, and [Sean "P] Diddy" [Combs] and Russell [Brand] and Elisabeth [Moss] and Rose [Byrne].

Was it fun to be kind of the straight man in a way?

It was fun. You know this is the character probably closest to who I am in my own life. And I have only been known for one other movie, Superbad, where I play kinda the loud-mouth obnoxious horny teenager. And it was appropriate for the movie and the part but that's … nothing like me. So I thought people assume that I'm like that and this character is a lot closer to who I am as a person, I think.

What was the most fun scene to film?

I say the most fun scene to film for me was the Today Show. That was great.

Did you have to rehearse the puking or did that just come naturally?

It just came naturally. I just recalled upon times in my life when I drank too much. It was actually delicious. It was cinnamon oatmeal. It was really good.

How much fun was that stuff to do? I mean did you have to do lots of takes? Is it hard to actually act like you're sick?

Yeah, I mean you have to pretend like you're ill and you're not, you know? So it's fun, though.

And what about working with Russell? He seems pretty much like a loose cannon. Is he like that in real life?

He's great. You know, in my experience with him, the more we got to know each other. You know, he's obviously talented and eccentric and interesting, but for me the great thing was to get to find out what a genuine good guy he is.

And what was the funniest scene for you in the film?

Probably the Vegas suite. I don't wanna give too much away. There's a scene involving something called "The Geoffrey" and some furry walls and it's pretty insane.

Do you have a favourite rock idol who you would feel that way about if you go to meet them?

I would say Neil Young or Jay-Z, maybe.

Well I hope you get to meet them.

Thank you.

Rose Byrne

What's your favourite travel spot?

Well, there's a tiny little town called Seal Rocks. It's a very remote little town about three hours outside Sydney that my family has been going to for literally 30 years, since I was born. That's my favourite travel spot. It's a tiny little beautiful beach spot. It's Australian, you know. It has gorgeous untouched beautiful forest like wild forest on the beach so it's beautiful. That's probably my favourite. Now I've ruined it because everybody is going to hear this.

When you travel do you have like a travel tip? What's the number-one thing you always do?

Travel tip? It probably would be to just relax. I don't know, go with people who you don't feel like you have to make conversation with, that would be my travel tip.

What about actual possessions? When you travel is there one thing you never leave home without?

Sunscreen, hat and a big pair of sunglasses.

True Aussie girl.

It's true. You know … in Australia … we're so educated on sun damage now 'cos I think skin cancer's so high now. But that would probably be my number-one. And a really good book.

So you still like to use the old-fashioned book?

I do, yeah. They're very popular though, now. This actor I was working with, Patrick Wilson, he was on the Kindle … I think it's good for scripts and things if you're travelling but there's something so sacred about having your novel. I can't imagine being on the beach with a Kindle.

Do you have another favourite travel destination you haven't yet been too?

That I would like to go to? Oh, there's so many. I would love to go to China I think it would be fascinating. And Vietnam would be another one that I would love to do. And I guess Africa eventually. I would love to try and do a safari; that would be amazing.

Is there anywhere else in Australia that you remember as like an amazing travel experience you had?

I've never been to the Northern Territory. I drove the Great Ocean Road just recently and that was stunning. I've never done that before and that was a beautiful, incredibly special destination.

Getting back to this movie, what was the best thing about making this movie for you?

It was just so liberating, it was so fun. It's rare that you get, I mean, I haven't done a comedy like this before. But to have licence; Jackie is just licence. Jackie Q is a larger-than-life character so it was really licence to do anything you wanted. And whether it makes the movie or not, it remains to be seen, but she is so eccentric and she's so fearless, that it was like okay, but I get to do that for a little minute so it was quite a special character.

And is Russell as much a loose cannon off-screen as we see on? Did the two of you improvise a lot of that stuff?

A lot of improv, yeah. [Producer] Judd [Apatow] and [director] Nick [Stoller], they've definitely worked with mostly improvised stuff. [Russell's] brilliant at that stuff, obviously, from his stand-up history. So it was intimidating to be honest 'cos he's so very smart and very quick so I had to keep up with that.

But on the contrary, off-screen he definitely is not [a loose cannon]. You know he can switch off and he is, I think, actually quite a kind, gentle person, you know. I don't think it's always, I mean, I don't know Russell well, but it's not always the Russell Brand show. He seems to have a quieter side.

What was your favourite scene to shoot?

Oh, goodness me. I love the scene where we are talking over the phone, where we are having a little dirty talk. That was really fun. That was just ridiculous. That was good.

How was the African child video?

Man, that was full on. It was kind of technically dangerous 'cos there were people being blown up behind us and we were walking over quite rough terrain. And I was in these incredibly high strappy platform stilettos in a gold lamé monokini in really, really intense summer heat. But again, hilarious in my crazy wig. Cher meets Cleopatra, just bizarre.

Was there anybody who you were inspired by for Jackie?

Oh, yeah, so many. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Fergie to Lil' Kim to Girls Aloud, early Madonna, Kylie Minogue. I mean, I've watched the whole gamut … I really did a lot of research. It was a really fun part of it, looking up all those pop videos. They just keep getting crazier and crazier too. Everyone keeps pushing the limits of fashion and the production design and there's so much put into those things.

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