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Hi-5 in Shepparton

Thursday, February 25, 2010
Kelly Landry met up with the brand-new Hi-5 team on their first Australia-wide tour. She joined them in Shepparton, the fifth stop on the tour.

Lauren, Casey, Tim, Stevie and Fely have won the hearts of young Australians — the average age of fans is five — and that number is sure to grow over the thousands of kilometres they will travel.

Their television show goes to around 220 countries. But it's seeing Hi-5 in person which little children will remember. They're so used to seeing their favourite fun people on television it's quite something to see them in real life. They know the words and moves and are totally uninhibited in joining in with the group as they perform. It's smiles all round.

The group loves to travel which gives them extra bonding time and the opportunity to throw around new ideas, talk about the last show and the next one, and test out games their audiences might love.

Tim and Lauren are relative newcomers to Hi-5 but already know what goes on stage as well as behind the scenes. The five agree that it's like travelling with a happy family.

They all need to keep fit, considering they perform up to three performances a day, which they say is like running a marathon. The team need to be full of energy and show their audiences that they are genuinely enjoying entertaining them.

It's fantastic that Hi-5 is taking their show to Australian rural towns which are often neglected in the entertainment stakes.

The highly-acclaimed Hi-5 has won three Logies for Most Outstanding Children's Program, five ARIAs for Best Children's Album, five Australian DVD and Video Industry Awards, an APRA Award, an AIMIA Award and a Helpmann Award.


Shepparton, 200km north-east of Melbourne.

For further information

Hi-5 Surprise! Australia Tour continues throughout March and April. Details can be found at

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User comments
^ I noticed the weird seatbelt position too. These 5 are young stars who put on a great live show. The 3 girls are gorgeous but in particular the 2 guys Stevie and Tim are exceptional talents. They are very funny. We didn't see enough of Stevie in the Getaway segment. All the kids here in Shep loved him the best. He's got a lovely personality. Kelly L looked like she could have fitted right in with the gang and made it Hi-6.
Not a good look Hi-5 and Channel 9 when only 2 people in the Hi-5 tour bus had their seatbelts on correctly - well done to the boys in the back seats. Girls - remember that a seat belt should not be twisted and also needs to go over your arm to your shoulder, not under your armpit. Not a good example to set to the younger kids.

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