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Jumbo Hostel

Thursday, June 25, 2009
If you're going to Sweden and love aeroplanes, Jason Dundas has found the perfect place for you to stay.

On the perimeter of Stockholm's Arlanda Airport your aeronautical enthusiasm can be fulfilled at the Jumbo Hostel. A converted Boeing 747-200 is bolted to the ground, its landing gear is secured by two steel cradles and a night in this aeroplane guarantees a good sleep in a flat bed, no turbulence, cabin pressure or delays.

It's the brainchild of Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios who wanted to expand his hostel business in Uppsala but couldn't find a building. When he heard about the abandoned 747 his creative juices went into overload and the result is his Jumbo Hostel. He named it Liv after his daughter.

The aircraft was built in 1976 for Singapore Airlines and was later in the Pan Am fleet. Its last service was with Transjet, a Swedish airline. The re-fit took around six months, and in the northern summer of 2008 the aeroplane/hostel was towed to its final destination.

Each of the 25 rooms (with a total of 85 beds) accommodate one to three adults in comfort. There is also a quad dormitory and all have separate shared shower and toilet facilities. The rooms are fairly sparsely furnished with bunk beds, overhead luggage space and flat screen televisions for "in-flight entertainment".

The flight deck is now a luxurious suite with private bathroom.

Reception and a cafe are at the front of the jet and toilets and showers are at the rear. The cafe sells breakfast, basic meals, coffee and biscuits, and if you have your own food, they have provided microwave ovens.

You don't have to stay at Jumbo Hostel to visit. Everyone is welcome aboard for a coffee or snack and in summertime, you can visit the port wing observation deck. Oscar is considering satisfying many requests to hold weddings on the wings.

Some of Jumbo's staff have airline backgrounds and they told Jason working at Jumbo Hostel satisfies their love of aeroplanes without the time changes and turbulence.

There is a bit of fun on board as you are prepared for "take-off" and other flight formalities. People of all ages get a real buzz from the jumbo experience and if you need accommodation close to the airport, why not spend a comfortable night aboard Jumbo Hostel? Apart from anything else, a night will cost around one-third of the price of other accommodation in the area.


One kilometre from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden's capital.


Jumbo Hostel rooms start at $60 for a dormitory bed, $205 for a private room and $566 for the cockpit suite which has ensuite and mini bar. Breakfast, free bus shuttle, bed linen, cleaning and wireless Internet are included.

Emirates has great low fares to London with connections to Stockholm. For the most up-to-date fares, call them on 1300 303 777 or visit

Prices correct at June 26, 2009.

For further information

Ph: 1300 303 777

Jumbo Hostel
Jumbovägen 4
SE-190 47 Stockholm Arlanda
Ph: +46 8 5936 0400

Visas: Not usually required, but non-EU citizens are advised to check with the Embassy of Sweden.

Electricity: 220V, two-point round-pin plugs.

Time zone: GMT +1.

Currency: Krona.

International dialling code: +46.

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