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Spanish seduction in Sierra Nevada

18:00 AEST Sat Apr 27 2013

Those in the know say that if you see just one place in Spain, it should be Granada. At the foot of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, it is one of Andalusia’s most interesting places, and after her visit, Kelly Landry agreed that the city named after the pomegranate is a captivating place. It is a modern city with an ancient past.

Granada's fascinating history began with Muslim settlement in 711AD. The Albayzin quarter where it started is like exploring Aladdin's Cave.

In 1492, Granada was the last Muslim kingdom in Spain to be conquered by the Catholic monarchs. Many Muslim buildings were destroyed after Christian conquest, but those remaining are beautiful examples of Moorish architecture.

It has an unmistakable Arab flavour. The growing North African community has contributed to it with mosques, markets, restaurants and tea houses.

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