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Mediterranean nightlife

Thursday, July 9, 2009
The Mediterranean countries are famous for scenery and culture, but one thing they do very well is enjoy their nightlife. Be warned: if you want to participate, you will need plenty of stamina. Natalie Gruzlewski came up with some good suggestions.


This city has more bars per person than any other city in the world. Lonely Planet advises that you need a plan. First, like the locals, have an afternoon siesta. Eat late — around 10pm is perfect. After that, do everything in moderation. Nibble on tapas with your drinks and you will last the distance.

Las Tablas is one of the many places in Madrid where you can see flamenco performances. If you want to dance the night away yourself, Teatro Joy Eslava is one of the best dance nightclubs around. It's a hot spot in a converted 19th-century theatre with six bars on three floors.


If you thought Madrid got started late, wait until you hit Ibiza. Jules had to brace himself for the midnight-to-dawn frivolities in what he reckons must be the clubbing capital of the world.

Particularly in summer, the island is a mass of party animals from around the world enjoying themselves at some of the largest and most expensive nightclubs in the world. Jules paid $75 just to get in and his first — and quite possibly only drink — cost $15. Phew!

Who knows why, but water and foam parties are very big there, so you may want to rethink wearing your best threads.

Aphrodite, Mykonos

Spain doesn't have the monopoly on partying in the Mediterranean. As Natalie discovered, the Greek island of Mykonos has a reputation for young people enjoying themselves.

People from around the world meet up to enjoy island life, day and night. At the Aphrodite Hotel there are happy hours, toga parties, retro discos, three bars, a restaurant, nightclub and karaoke. After all that if you can make it out of bed, there's a huge pool, two jacuzzis, tennis court, gym, beach volleyball, aerobics, basketball, sea kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, sailing and a chill-out lounge with Internet access and a library of DVDs.


Madrid and Ibiza in Spain and Mykonos in Greece.

For further information

Las Tablas
Plaza de Espana 9
Ph: +34 915 420 520
Fax: +34 915 592 197

Teatro Joy Eslava
Arenal 11
Spain 28013
Ph: +34 91 366 3733

Aphrodite Hotel
Kalafati Beach
84600 Mykonos
Ph: +30 228 907 1367
Fax: +30 228 907 1525


Visas: Australians travelling to Spain do not require a visa.

Electricity: 230V at 50Hz using European plugs.

Time zone: GMT +2.

Currency: The euro.

International dialling code: +34.


Visas: Australian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Greece.

Electricity: Greece uses 220V at 50Hz electricity. Two- and three-point plugs are used.

Time zone: GMT +3.

Currency: The euro.

International dialling code: +30.

Travellers should be "in date" for the standard Australia and New Zealand immunisation schedules. Depending on the time of year of travel and exact destination, other health precautions and preventions may be recommended and are best discussed with your doctor. For further information. visit or

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