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Russia, the luxurious way

17:30 AEST Sat Aug 10 2013
When Jules told people he was going to Russia, the reactions were mixed. The largest country on the planet either fascinates or terrifies, but it certainly does capture the imagination.

Visiting the mysterious country was difficult for many years. Certain areas were off limits and that added to the intrigue.

Thanks to Scenic Tours, who have taken great advantage of the country opening up, Jules got to enjoy seeing Russia in the perfect and luxurious way.

User comments
I traveled to Russia via a group tour in May & June 2013. When I told family and friends I was going, I also got a mixed reaction. I am so glad I went there - visited St Petersburg and Moscow and traveled through the country side by bus. St Petersburg is a beautiful city ( parts of it remind me of Paris and the many canals remind me of Venice). I will definitely go back and explore some more. Moscow was worth a visit too - the Red Square was awesome. Spring is beautiful but cold - dress warm. Country side was depressing and a shock. The roads were pot holed and the little country towns seemed so poor. Security is tight and the guards at the borders are highly suspicious. I don't think they have seen too many Aussie passports at the border with Lithuania. I highly recommend you apply for your visa at least two months in advance - I had to send the application twice only to received the visa and my passport the week before I left. Think outside the square travelers - worth a visit.

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