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Space holiday
Space holiday
In space

Holidays in space

Thursday, July 22, 2004
Well, if you are keen to head to space for the ultimate discovery and you are happy to pay the price, then this holiday is for you.

This week was the 35th anniversary of man landing on the moon, and almost every year since Neil Armstrong took that giant leap for mankind, we've been promised that holidays in space aren't far away.

Well, it seems that finally it may just be a small step away.

A company called Space Adventures is going to start launching tourists into space early next year from the Star City Space Base in Moscow.

The orbital flights will last about 10 days. It will take two days in your Soyuz rocket to reach the international space station, a week on board then another day or so for re-entry into the atmosphere and landing.

You will be required to train in Russia for several weeks so you had better clear your diary for a couple of months if you want to go.

If space itself is a bit daunting, first up you might want to try a sub-orbital flight. These go 100 kilometres to the edge of space. Only four days training and a lot less money.

After taking either of these flights can you actually call yourself an astronaut? Well, no, you have to work for NASA for that, but you will get a nice certificate.

Space Adventures will operate orbital flights from Star City in Moscow early next year. They will start at $US 20 million per person — about $AUD 30 million!

The price includes your space voyage, training, accommodation in Moscow and transport to and from Star City.

Sub-orbital flights will commence sometime in 2005/2006 and will start at $US98,000.


They will start at $US 20 million per person — about $AUD 30 million.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

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