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The midnight sun
The midnight sun
Flying over
Jules in the Arctic

The Day After Tomorrow

Thursday, October 21, 2004

As a precursor to the release of The Day After Tomorrow, Getaway presenter Jules Lund was invited to join a small group of people to experience first-hand and within controlled and comfortable conditions some of the key aspects and sequences in the film. The extreme survival Arctic journey allowed people to feel extreme weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures over the first few days of October.

Screenwriter Jeffrey Nachmanoff and climatologist Michael Molitor from The Day After Tomorrow accompanied the expedition and gave plenty of anecdotes about the making of the film. From snowshoeing to crevasse rescue, activities were overseen by thoracic surgeon and Polar explorer Misha Malakov and a highly professional team of Arctic guides.

The operation, which centres around survival and global warming, was staged in and around Alta, north of TromsØ, well inside the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. Alta is on the edge of beautiful Altafjord, a short catamaran ride from the spectacular Oksfjord Glacier. Oksfjord, with an elevation of 1200 metres, is the only glacier in Europe which carves ice directly into the sea, meaning large chunks of it continually tumble several thousands of metres to the fjord before floating out to the ocean. Weather conditions permitting, from Alta you can see Aurora Borealis, the magnificent Northern Lights. A six-hour hike up scree fields and over glacial moraines will give access to the glacier — or you may prefer to go by helicopter!

Alta has a population of just over 17,000 and continues to grow and develop. It is a centre of commerce and service for large parts of Western Finnmark and North Troms. In fact it is quite a dynamic place, full of activities during both summer and winter.

Its closeness to coast, inland valleys, forests and plains, along with a generous climate, make it an excellent habitat for a wonderful variety of plant and animal life. The region is home to the nomadic Saami people who herd reindeer across the tundra.


Inside the Arctic Circle in northern Norway.

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Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

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