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The magical island of Paros in Greece.
The magical island of Paros in Greece.
Restaurants on Paros.


Thursday, May 22, 2003
Paros typifies every Greek island postcard — rocky landscape, white buildings and churches with blue roofs...

Paros is home to around 10,000 and is the third largest island after Naxos and Andros in the Cyclades Islands, so named because they form a circle around the sacred island of Delos.

Paros personifies every Greek island postcard – rocky landscape and lots of white houses and churches with bright blue roofs. It is also the home of beautiful pure white Parian marble which was used to create Venus de Milo and part of Napoleon’s mausoleum.

A five-to-seven-hour ferry ride from Athens' main port Piraeus will get you to Paros. It has a little of everything you would expect a Greek island to have — old villages, monasteries, fishing harbours, a labyrinthine capital and some of the best nightlife and beaches in the Aegean.

Mount Profitis Ilias, with a peak of 770m, is near the centre of the island; the hills surrounding it are covered with olive groves and vineyards.

The port town of Parikia has a windmill right in its centre and many cafes just calling you in for a coffee and Greek pastry.

The Church of Our Lady of the Hundred Gates is made up of three churches and is one of the most significant Christian monuments in Greece. Legend says it has only 99 gates and when the 100th is found Istanbul will return to Greece.

Naoussa is a little fishing village on the north side of the island, 12km from Parikia. It is very pretty, with whitewashed alleys and winding lanes and there are many hotel rooms available. It is still a working fishing community and the restaurants sell traditional Greek food rather than a tourist version.

Lefkes is the loveliest village on the island and in the Ottoman period was the capital. Just 12km from Parikia and in the middle of the island, it has been built amphitheatrically into the hills and has lovely old churches and many windmills.

One of the best beaches on Paros is Kolimbithres, just around the bay from Naoussa. Another is Langeri, on the opposite side of the bay, while Santa Maria on the north-eastern tip is great for windsurfing.

The Aktaia Bar & Restaurant sits right on the beach overlooking Parikia, just 5 minutes from the port. It has a palm leaf roof and subdued lighting so is very pretty at night. Most nights they have a barbecue and of course serve a huge variety of seafood and salads with plenty of Retsina and Ouzo.

The island has several hotels and in a quiet street in Parikia, Paros’s capital, just 600 metres from the port, is Casa di Roma, a family run hotel. Rooms are traditional, spacious, simply furnished, have air conditioning and private bathroom. There is a flowery garden, pool and snack bar.


The Cyclades islands in Greece.


Tempo Holidays has 7 night packages including Qantas/British Airways to Athens via London, return transfers Athens-Paros, twin share, air conditioned accommodation and breakfast each day at Casa di Roma. Prices are 2972 ex Perth, $2973 ex Darwin $2974 ex Brisbane, $2975 ex Melbourne, $2980 ex Adelaide and $2996 ex Sydney.
Qantas flies daily to London with British Airways connections to Athens.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

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