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Berlin by boat

17:30 AEST Sat Mar 16 2013

Germany was a real eye-opener for Jules. He didn't quite expect it to have so many quirky things. The beer bike and the amazingly popular curry wurst are certainly different. The other thing he didn't expect was to find that Berlin has more bridges than Venice. 1291 more bridges.

The River Spree winds through Germany's largest city for 180 kilometres. Berlin has a controversial history, a fascinating contemporary art scene and is the capital of Europe's strongest economy. It's a city known for its culture, politics, media and science.

Until 20 years ago under the Communist rule of East Germany, the River Spree was a no-go zone. It divided the city into Communist east and Democratic west. Now visitors can take it all in from that very river.

One of the best ways to do it is on R#252;diger Michael's Spree-Shuttle Solarboat. The river is a hub of activity with lots of cruise and leisure craft, but R#252;diger offers an intimate and eco-friendly experience. Solar panels charge batteries giving a pleasantly quiet outing.

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