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Ritz Cooking School.
Ritz Cooking School.
Ritz Cooking School.

Ritz cooking school

Thursday, December 13, 2001
The good oil on Paris' finest kitchen as we take you to the Ritz Hotel Cooking School.

Ever since 1898 when the innovative Caesar Ritz opened the hotel of his dreams with famous August Escoffier as his chef, The Ritz has set the standard for first class hotels and restaurants in Paris and around the world. Here, from era to era, the finest cooks and pastry chefs have catered to the appetites of celebrated clientele, including Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway and the great Coco Chanel.

So what is their secret? Why not see for yourself at The Ritz Hotel's Cooking School. The Ecole de Gastronome Francaise Ritz-Escoffier opened in 1988, setting the same high and innovative standards to the teaching of French gastronomy to professional and amateur cooks from the whole world. Individuals can undertake courses from one week to 30 weeks dealing with any of a huge selection of culinary styles, from French regional cuisines to Parisian brasseries and bistro fares. Or maybe just try one of the Saturday workshops, or the daily demonstration classes.

And don't be worried about the language difference - there's an English interpreter at every class. Bon appetite!


Ritz Cooking School, Paris France

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