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European Road Trip: Cologne (pt 1)

Thursday, October 29, 2009
After a busy time in the Netherlands, the road-trip quartet headed to Cologne. On Germany's Rhine River, it's the country's fourth largest city and one of its oldest. Founded by the Romans in 38 BC, Cologne has a population of 10 million.

It's famous for its cathedral; it's the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop and its university is one of Europe's oldest.


Getting around is fast and easy thanks to Germany's autobahn network. The high-speed roads are restricted to motor vehicles capable of driving at least 60km/h. The advised speed limit is 130km/h but there is no general speed limit. The roads are superbly designed, built and maintained and drivers are well-trained and cooperative. If you're doing the wrong thing, drivers flash their headlights to let you know.


The Berger campsite, just 8km from the centre of Cologne, is a family establishment dating back to 1931. It's on the banks of the Rhine and has 250 single sites. It has cultivated grassland, beautiful old trees, a bicycle track and hiking trail. Nearby Rodenkirchen is one of the prettiest villages in the area.

Ablution areas are clean and modern; there are kitchens, washing machines and dryers, bicycle hire service and a boat slip. The sun terrace has a beer garden, there's a hotel with breakfast buffet and restaurant, as well as a supermarket and playground.

Cologne Cathedral

The construction of this stunning cathedral began is 1248 and took until 1880 to complete — a period of more than 600 years. It was worth the wait! Cologne's most famous landmark, it's described by UNESCO as an "exceptional work of human creative genius".

The Roman Catholic church is renowned as a monument of Christianity, German Catholicism in particular, and Gothic architecture. It is dedicated to St Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its two towers are each 157m tall, it is 144.5m long, 86.5m wide and is on the World Heritage list.

Christopher Street Day

This annual event is celebrated in various European cities. It's all about gay pride and Cologne's parade is one of the most prominent. CSD, as it is known, is in memory of the first big uprising of homosexuals against unjust police assaults that took place on Christopher Street, Greenwich Village in New York, in 1969.

It's a glittery festival, filled with pride and joie de vivre. Everyone is very welcome and this year's parade attracted 700,000 to the Cologne Old Town. The 2010 parade will be held on July 4.


Cologne in Germany's west.


Camping Berger Koeln costs about $9 for adults, $4 for children and bicycle hire is roughly $16.

Prices correct on October 29, 2009.

For further information

German National Tourist Office
Ph: (02) 9236 8982

Cologne Tourism


Camping Berger Koeln
Uferstraße 71
50996 Köln
Ph: +49 221 935 5240
Fax: +49 221 935 5246

Cologne Cathedral

Christopher Street Parade

Visas: Australians require valid passports to enter Germany, but return tickets and visas are not required.

Electricity: Germany operates on 230V at 50Hz with two round pins.

Time zone: GMT +1.

Currency: The euro.

International dialling code: +49.

User comments
i really love Eloise, she is well spoken, articulate and totally charming!!! She is the all australian girl and as an Australian she makes me proud.. Well done with casting her, great choice!!!
is everyone forgeting bout courtney hes awesome! he should b a perminant host. i think the european road trip is a gr8 idea!
I love Cj too, and yeah so what if she called the campers Bogans, anyone, camping or not, in Australia or not, who cannot be bothered to keep good personal hygiene, by washing or brushing their hair puts themselves in a classifcatin of a bogan, she's calling it as she see's it, good on her. I also agree that she is starting to take in the culture of the places they are visiting and it's people. She and all 4 of them are young, new to the experiences on an adventure of a lifetime, I think it's a fun & interesting way to promote young Australian's to see the world, Getaway's segament is appealing to the younger generation. I don't agree that Cj is a poor representative of Australian travellers, I live in a very popular Queensland tourism destination that attracts young travelling backpackers from all over the world, all year, and I can tell you I've seen a hell of a lot worse. Ignore the negative comments Cj, you're doing great darl!
Oh to be young and carefree, Great to see the four young travelers have a fun time.Brings back great memories.. As for the previous comment, CJ didn't rant half as much as you,talk about narrow minded... but as you have turned off forever .. you unfortunatly won't be back to read my comment..... or will you ???
I am enjoying this segment, I think it is refreshing to see something for younger viewers. I think they are doing a great job. Previously not being regular viewers we now are...
How on EARTH did an idiot like CJ qualify to participate in your Getaway European Road Trip series? Her ignorance is offensive, and poorly represents Australian travelers overseas. As a widely travelled Australian I find this road trip series puerile and lets Getaway's reptutation down.
Hi getaway. i am loving the segment on the camper van trip. even though she called the campsite people bogans hahahaha...i love CJ, she actually knew what she was talking about tonight about the parade starting in NEW York etc. she is starting to take in the culture of the places and learn things. cant wait to watch next week.
CJ has the most incredible eyes i have ever seen!
Getaway, please return to being an informative and entertaining travel program rather than a vapid reality show. The segment offers nothing for viewers- it appears to use the location as no more than a context, instead aiming to build shopping mall appearance fame for the barely coherent "hosts".
Interesting to see how the young ones do it, How about a bunch of baby boomers in the same situation and compare the different approaches. Not sure we would look so good skinnydipping in the Rhine.

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