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European Road Trip: London

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Here's something completely different on Getaway: four strangers, one van and five countries. Welcome to Getaway's European Road Trip.

For many, many years, young Australians have been saving their money for an adventure in the Northern Hemisphere. Some travel around, some find a place they love and stay and work for a year or two. Most eventually come home saying they miss Australia's beaches, climate and their family and friends.

We linked up with Gabriel, Eloise, Courtney and CJ, four young Australians, and followed their adventures, starting off in London, a city of must-see places.

Buckingham Palace

Home to Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, in the heart of London, was built in 1702. If the Union Jack is flying, you know the Queen is in residence.

The Changing of the Guard takes place in the palace forecourt at 11.30am every day in summer and every other day in winter. The New Guard marches to the palace from Wellington Barracks with a guard band. The Old Guard hands over in a 45-minute ceremony seeing sentries changed. The New Guard then marches to St James' Palace. Guards are dressed in traditional red tunics and bearskin hats and the ceremony is set to music.

From Buckingham Palace, it's an easy walk to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, St James' Palace, 10 Downing Street, the Thames and Trafalgar Square.

Big Bus Tour

This is a fantastic way to get your bearings in London. If you're there for a short time, a bus tour will let you see major landmarks. If you plan a longer stay, you will spot places you would like to visit later.

Tickets for the open-top bus are valid for 24 hours and passengers can hop-on and hop-off at more than 70 stops on two routes. Also included are some great guided walking tours and a river cruise. The ticket will also get you discounts at a range of bars and restaurants.


There are countless options when it comes to hiring or buying a campervan. Do some research before you leave home to find people who have "been there, done that" and get some advice from them.

Ferry to the Netherlands

When they were ready to move on, the gang took a Stena Line ferry from Harwich, two hours from London to Hook of Holland. There are two crossings every day, so you can choose between day and overnight sailings. It journey takes a little more than six hours.

On board you will find two restaurants, two bars, shop and cinema and there are refurbished cabins to suit singles, couples and families.


Sightseeing around London.


Big Bus Tours are around $45 for adults and $20 for children.

Stena Line's one-way ferry fares from England to the Netherlands are around $87.

Prices correct at October 15, 2009.

For further information

Changing of the Guard

Big Bus Tours

Stena Line ferries

The London Guide

User comments
Ive just come back from a long europe trip and I love this segment. reminds me of all the fun i had traveling around and makes me want to go back
this is proberly the most interesting thing i have ever seen on getaway i think the getaway squad should be worried...they should think about hiring courtney his attitude to traveling is awesome i just feel like getting up and backing my bags cause of him. the others are also great tv personalities but courtney is deffinately killing it great job guys cant wait to see more!
I can't believe people on here have described CJ as hot. She is so not. She is the token bogan and is so fake. At least the brunette has a brain. What a stupid segment. Oh dear, reality TV even hitting travel shows now. Is there nowhere that is safe from this rubbish.
what a great addition to the show. Eloise is hilarious and hot! And she has a brain not like blondie. Gabe is gorgeous and Courtney's not bad either. Def team Eloise for me! wooo
C.J is a bogan and she needed to have elocution lessons before going on this show and learn how to not be an irritating knob. You can tell Eloise thought she was a massive knob.
Move over Catriona Rowntree because CJ is like sooo hot. Catriona was sooo 2006. That Courtney guy was pretty cool aswell, even though he has a girls name. I reckon he reminds me of a younger version on Karl Stefanovic. Can't wait to see what these guys get up to in their travels.
Looks amazing would love to do it myself CJ is a legand!
I LOVE IT, Cant wait to watch it each week, I agree, get rid of CJ and put me there, give it to someone who wants it and who will give it a massive crack. Gab, u are hot, it would be very easy to travel with you. Come on Getaway, send me there to spice it up.
Who chose the dtizy, pathetic blonde girl to participate? What a bad decision. The show was ruined by her pathetic wailing and ridiculously selfish attitude. Surely she could make the most of the situation and have a good time and also let her fellow travellers enjoy themselves too! What a waste of space. You can do better Getaway!
The European road trip looks like a bunch of annoying and bad examples of Australian youth, travelling around in a van. It's boring and makes for very poor TV......Getaway must be desperate for segments!

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