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Black Sea cruise: Bulgaria and Serbia

17:30 AEST Sat Mar 2 2013

Over the last couple of Getaway episodes, we've joined Catriona in Turkey and Romania on a Scenic Tours Black Sea Explorer tour.

It didn't take long for her and her fellow passengers to settle in on the Scenic Spaceship, Scenic Pearl. Every cabin has a private butler, and in the mornings, the press of a button opens the curtains for views of the Danube River. Eight in ten cabins have a balcony and the Panorama Lounge is where passengers mingle.

The next part of the Scenic Tours adventure took in Bulgaria and Serbia.

Bulgaria is one of Europe's oldest countries and as an historical crossroad for various civilisations is the home of some of the world's most ancient cultural artefacts. It offers beautiful beaches, winter sports and churches. Most Bulgarians are orthodox Christians and Catriona's guide told her they have twenty-eight ways of painting Holy Mary.

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