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The best nights out in Europe

19:30 AEST Thu Dec 27 2012

United Kingdom

Of course, when you are travelling around the United Kingdom, a pub visit is a must. Seeing it was 7pm and Jules had had a long, cold day seeing the sights of Manchester, it was time for dinner.


Ben's night story was in Alesund in the Sunmore region of Norway. It is regularly voted Norway’s most beautiful city. Art Nouveau architecture makes up a myriad of turrets, spires and beautiful ornamentation giving it a fairytale air. It has beautiful scenery and stunning fjords. It's also a great place to experience the midnight sun.


Jason’s on the Greek Island of Ios winding up Getaway's 24 Hours Around The World special. He braved a visit to Chora where the streets and squares are filled with people enjoying loud music and gathering to start another memorable night of dancing and drinking until dawn. Everyone wanders along the small side streets, and wherever they go there are bars and clubs.

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