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A local hotel in Havana - the Acomodoro.
A local hotel in Havana - the Acomodoro.
An open-air nightclub - the Tropicana.
16th century Spanish village of Old Havana.
David Ryene in the centre of Havana, Cuba.

Cuba Part I

Thursday, May 22, 2003
There are more reasons to go to Cuba than to pick up a fine cigar. How does having a ball in an open-air night club, sipping cocktails or just enjoying the tropical atmosphere sound?

For the rest of the world, Cuba is set to become a popular destination. Havana, the capital, is a tourist-friendly city, and the people’s warmth and hospitality seem endless. Castro frequently addresses his people from Revolution Square and is renowned for his epic speeches – one lasted 16 hours.

The city was founded in 1515 but the ancient palaces, plazas, colonnades, churches and monasteries blend with the new. The three sections of most interest to tourists are Old Havana, Central Havana and Vedado.

The Tropicana is a nightclub which has been going for more than 50 years and offers excellent music and glitzy entertainment in the old-fashioned Folies-Bergeres style. It is in the open-air, and if it rains, your entry fee, which ranges from $A50 to $A90, depending on where you sit, is refunded!

The agricultural province of Pinar del Rio is about two hours from Havana. It mostly grows tobacco which is reputedly the best in the world. Visitors can see the production of Cuba’s most famous export at the Vegeros cigar factory. There is also a factory which makes a very popular rum, flavoured with miniature wild guava. The valley is protected from development, and hand-held tools and oxen-pulled ploughs are still used.

Cuba officially has one currency, the peso, but in reality there are three. The US dollar, the tourist peso (on a par with the US dollar), and the Cuban peso.


South of Florida in the Caribbean Sea.


Adventure World has a three day Havana package starting at $376 per person twin share, including transfers, breakfast daily and a tour.
Qantas flies daily to Los Angeles starting at $1757 from Melbourne and Brisbane, $1779 from Sydney, $1800 from Perth, $1818 from Adelaide and $2085 from Darwin, per person. Connections with Mexicana Airlines from Los Angeles to Havana are $1370 per person.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

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Adventure World: Ph: 1300 363 055

Qantas: 13 13 13

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