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Catriona with the Carnival Destiny Cruise ship
Catriona with the Carnival Destiny Cruise ship
Relaxing on deck

Carnival Destiny Cruise

Sunday, September 17, 2000
Caribbean carnival cruise is Las Vegas on the high seas.

The Carnival fleet all follow the same design theme – loud, bright and flashy – and all offer a huge array of onboard facilities. Eight of its megavessels depart from ports in Florida or the Caribbean, including Miami, Tampa and San Juan; and four of them specialise in seven-day tours that feature stopovers in the US Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

Most cruises offer good value, run from three to seven nights and feature non-stop activities and lots of glitter. The overall atmosphere is comparable to a floating theme park, with ship names like Ecstasy, Elation and Sensation: you get the idea.

Carnival is not a cruise line that will appeal to everyone — anyone who loved the opulence of a Sea Goddess cruise or who thinks the old Royal Viking ships were the height of cruise travel, better steer clear of Carnival. But for those who want an entertainment-packed cruise, visiting fun destinations on a flashy ship, Carnival is the cruise of choice for you. A good choice for first-time cruisers, family and younger people, it offers extremely good value for money and, for the overall experience, simply can’t be beaten.

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