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Esperence Lakes

Thursday, June 26, 2003
This not only has pristine waters and great fishing, it is a popular spot to do some kayaking.

Esperance was named in 1792 when the Recherche and L’Esperance entered the bay to shelter from a storm. The first settlers arrived in 1863 but in the 1890s gold rush it became an important port. When gold fever subsided, Esperance lay quiet until after WWII.

Scientists and agriculturalists discovered that by adding missing trace elements to the soil fertility was restored and Esperance has become an agricultural centre.

Thanks to its temperate climate, wonderful scenery, blue waters, excellent fishing and long sandy beaches, it has also come into its own as a popular place for tourists.

There are around 100 tiny islands in the Archipelago of the Recherche which are home to colonies of seals, penguins and waterbirds.

Another reason many people head to the area is to visit the Lake Warden saltwater wetland system 5km north of Esperance. 3000 hectares of prime waterfront attracts birds from all over the world. Recognised as a haven for rare and endangered birds, it is a popular destination for bird-watchers and researchers.

Conservation and Land Management have put in place a self-guided canoe trail so you can share the safe-place with the birds. Windsurfing is also permitted and you need to take your own equipment for surfing and canoeing.

There are about seven large lakes and 30-40 small lakes with Wheatfield, Woody and Windabout being set aside for human recreation.

There is a 3.6km walkway which takes around 2½ hours to complete, and it is designed to be an eco-learning experience with interpretation panels and sheltered information bays scattered along the way. There are bird hides so you can study and enjoy the birds without disturbing them.


750km east of Perth.


Lake Warden Lakes are suitable for canoeing all year round. Access is free.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Lake Warden Wetlands System
Conservation & Land Management
Box 234 Esperance WA 6450
Ph: 08 9071 3733 F: 08 9071 3657

Qantas: 13 13 13

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