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Swimmng with sea lions.
Swimmng with sea lions.
Swimmng with sea lions.
Swimmng with sea lions.

Sea Lion Diving

Thursday, November 8, 2001
One of Tina's treasured moments is swimming with these playful sea lions.

Sea Lions are there most of the year but they disappear in breeding season for a couple of months.

Sea Lions are those big wallowing animals which lie around on beaches. They can grow up to 2 and a half metres long and weigh 250kg. But in the water they are graceful and sometimes quite playful. At Carnac Island Island just off the coast of Perth you can actually dive with the Sea Lions. Their numbers go up and down - from a couple during breeding season to 45 during off-breeding. The Australasian Diving Academy operates regular dive trips to Rottnest and Carnac Island.

Australian Sea Lions are a bit different from other species in that they have an 18 month gestation. This means that they don't breed at the same time each year. They are distributed around the south west coast of Australia from Kangaroo Island up to Geraldton. The islands around Perth are male dormitories. The males live here most of the year and then take off to the islands off Jurien and Geraldton for mating. The females live there all year round.


Carnac Island is 22km south west of Perth, WA


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More information

Australasian Diving Academy: 08 9389 5018
The Force Marine Charter: 09 9350 6299

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