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Feral Brewery
Feral Brewery

Feral Brewery

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Why feral you ask? Because this Brewery is home to the undomesticated ale and has a flavour for just about everyone.

Feral Brewing Company was opened in 2002. The small, locally-owned brewery produces a diverse range of true-to-style ales and lagers for all beer lovers. Smack-bang in the middle of WA's Swan Valley, known for its wine-growing, Feral is a little gem for locals and visitors alike.

Brendan Varis and Alistair Carragher came across many small breweries in most of the US cities they visited around nine years ago and, knowing the Australian love of beer, decided to give it a go in the West. Brendan has a degree in brewing and fermentation science and Alistair's background is in hospitality and sales.

The choice of name is directly related to their philosophy about beer. While they agree that the beer produced by the two major producers is good, their range of beer challenges the palate and as "feral" means "undomesticated" or "untamed", it suits their produce. As they say, undomesticated yet sophisticated.

Feral's menu is modern Australian and varied — from pork steak with walnut crust, spiced apple risotto cake, cider sauce and curry oil to a good old-fashioned pie floater.

Their range provides some interesting tasting comparisons. Feral's organic pilsner is a crisp refreshing lager of medium body with definite malt character. It aroma is distinctly that of hops.

The white beer is in true Belgian style, with 50 percent barley and 50 percent wheat used in the grist. Dried and cured orange peel and cracked coriander seeds add their distinctive flavours and the unfiltered beer is served cloudy. It is their most popular beer.

Their German red has an almost sweet malt flavour with an up-front bitterness, balanced by spicy tettnang hops. It is almost nutty and has a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Feral's popular pale ale has contributions from all around the world. It has a combination of German and Australian malts, combined with British and American hops.

Monty's Mild is a mid-strength English-style ale, sweet and malty with a full body.

Swan Valley stout is moderately hopped, enabling the roasted coffee, chocolate and toffee flavours of dark malts to dominate. It is full-bodied and pours with the traditional creamy head.

The brewery's own grapes have been used to produce a range of premium wines which are sold under the Malbec Place label. Varieties include a chardonnay brut, malbec sparkling red brut, Semillon, chardonnay, malbec, shiraz old tawny port and a late-picked verdehlo.

Tours of the brewery are available. They are conducted by staff, giving visitors the chance to see the brewing process and the opportunity to touch and taste the raw materials.

Just to prove you have been there and know about the brewing process, the shop sells everything from polo shirts and boxers to bucket hats and stubby holders.


In the Swan Valley, 30km from Perth.


Feral Brewery tours are free but must be booked in advance. Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Beer tastings are $2 for a 115ml glass and sell for $5 a schooner in the restaurant and bar. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Sunday. Lunch is served on Mondays. The bar is open on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

Feral Brewing Company
152 Haddrill Road
Baskerville 6056
Ph: (08) 9296 4657

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