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Red ones go faster
Red ones go faster
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MC Motorsports

Thursday, February 13, 2003
A place that lets you thrash fast cars just for fun … that's gotta be done.

If you've ever thought you could do with some brushing up of your driving skills, MC Motorsport is the place to go. John Clark is a well-known race and stunt driver, and his company attracts all sorts of customers for all sorts of reasons.

They run four courses over the 10,000 square metre bitumen surface. All motor challenges are conducted as team events with each person's time being recorded. Each time is added to their team's total, with the best team being the one with the smoothest and most consistent drivers.

The cars they use are Toyota MR2 Spyders which are mid-engine rear-wheel drive cars with 1.8 litre twin cam WTi engines. They have a sequential five-speed gearbox and weigh just 975kg, making them exhilarating to drive.

A strong emphasis is to teach people valuable safety skills and behaviour patterns which can be applied to everyday driving.

Tuition in correct driving techniques, weight transfer, vision, cornering, seating posture, airbags and ABS braking are all taught in a fun, relaxed and controlled atmosphere.

Courses begin with a briefing with an emphasis on safety and this is reinforced throughout the day.

The raceway has a large area of asphalt with cones placed all over it. Each challenge features a different configuration.

Challenge A is tackled first with an instructor, then drivers are ready to do B, C and D on their own.

The ratio of people who do the course is 70:30, men to women, and everyone leaves having learned some important techniques for future driving.

At the end of the day there are medal and certificate presentations and group photographs.


30 minutes north-west of Perth.


MC Motorsport costs $185 per person for a half-day performance driving event.

More information

MC Motorsport
PO Box 245, North Beach 6020
Ph: (08) 9246 5981
Fax: (08) 9246 4179

Qantas — Ph: 13 13 13

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