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The good 'ole FJ
The good 'ole FJ
Inside looking out
Antonio at work
Antonio forging ahead

Stretch FJ Swan Valley Tour

Thursday, October 3, 2002
The Stretch FJ - a kick back in time.

Any 1953 FJ Holden attracts attention these days, but Chris and Geoff Ellis's pride and joy gets extra attention. While the car has the original front and back the in-between bit has been stretched by 1.4 metres. Apart from making it longer, they have tried to keep to the original concept — its duco is a 1953 colour, the chrome is as was and the bench seats are of leather in the original pattern.

Modern day things such as air-conditioning, heating, multi-stack CD player, have been added and the motor has been upgraded.

People who go for a drive with the Ellises go for birthday parties, weddings and there have been a few proposals of marriage made during the trip. They take up to seven passengers and stop at some friendly places along the way.

Herne Hill in the Perth foothills is where Antonio Battistessa makes wonderful artworks from forged iron. He is an award-winning artist and each of his pieces is one-off.

The Duckstein Brewery in Henley Brook is owned and operated by Gisela and Erich Massberg. Their brainwave of opening a German style brewery/tourist cafe in the middle of wine country has proven to be a good one.

Erich brews his beer using the German Laws of Purity which mean just four ingredients — malt, water, yeast and hops. No preservatives, flavourings, sugars or agents of any kind are added. The Bavarian-style restaurant serves delicious food — and the desserts are hard to top.

You will be welcomed to the Duckstein restaurant by almost life-size German puppets which pretend to belt out German polkas. They're loved by everyone — young and old.

Lancaster Wines is new to the area and operates its cellar door from a little tin shack which sits on the edge of the vines. Intentional or not, the quirky little shack sets the vineyard apart from others.

The FJ team will pick you up and return you to your accommodation in Perth and that means you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine or some of Erich's delicious beer without worrying about driving.


From Perth to the Swan Valley.


Memories Limousine Service Stretch FJ Holden costs $132 per hour. The Duckstein Brewery and Lancaster Vineyard are open from Wednesday to Sunday.
Antonio Battistessa visits are by appointment.
Please note that prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowlegde are inclusive of GST.

More information

Memories Stretch FJ Holden Tours
Ph: (08) 9271 9548

Duckstein Brewery
Ph: (08) 9296 0620

Lancaster Wines
Ph: (08) 9250 6461

Antonio Battistessa
Ph: (08) 9296 4121

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