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Cave, canoe and bush-tucker tour

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Margaret River is just 290km south of Perth and is quite the place to go for a lazy break involving great food and local wines.

If you fancy doing something a little more adventurous, do as Kelly Landry did and join one of Helen Lee's Cave and Canoe Bushtucker Tours.

A typical tour begins at 11am at Prevelly Beach at the mouth of the Margaret River. You hop into a canoe and paddle from the river mouth to Boogaloongar Island. The island is known as Sorry Island as, a few times during the year, the river drowns it which is said to wash away visitors' worries and secrets. Your tour guide shares stories of ancient trees, medicinal plants, Aboriginal sites and the first settlers in the area.

You paddle to Wallcliffe to explore its cliffs and caves and hear about Aboriginal stories and history of the Bussell boys, who went to the cave in 1829.

There's a welcome stop for a gourmet wild-food picnic. You will savour wild meats, pestos and chutneys, native fruits, herbs and vegetables and two sweet dessert treats. Witchetty grub páté and marinated grubs are optional, but worth a try! Bush medicine is also interesting — gotu kola is known as the memory plant. Pharmacists have it available and it and a tiny bottle costs about $60.

You paddle past Wallcliffe House, built by hand from materials supplied by the cliffs, then head to the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. A swim is always welcome at the Old Rowing Club Beach.

Doomba Cave has been used over the centuries by Aborigines. White settlers and survivors from shipwrecks have also made use of it. Make your way through its stalactites and stalagmites; the legend goes that your spirit will be renewed.

An important tradition is the canoe race. There are no rules and sabotage is encouraged. The winner receives some Margaret River wine!


Margaret River, 290km south of Perth.


Cave and Canoe Bushtucker Tours are $80 for adults and $30 for children. They run every day between 10am and 2pm, and include canoeing, bushwalking, cave exploration and a bush-tucker wild food lunch. They leave from the Margaret River mouth at Prevelly Beach. Transport can be arranged.

Prices correct at June 18, 2009.

For further information

Bushtucker Tours
20 Auger Way
Margaret River WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 9084

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