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Roaming the land.
Roaming the land.
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J-BAC Bush Adventures

Thursday, September 30, 2004
See unspoiled beauty of the West Kimberley, the amazing formations of the Grant Ranges and the untamed Australian outback.

Harry Watson is from the Nyikana/Mangala people and for many years was the manager at Mount Anderson Cattle Station. A year or so ago he realised there was not much for the future of the young of Jarlmadangah so he and the whole community ventured into the tourist industry. The result is J-BAC (Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation) and they have successfully completed their first year of operation.

Jarlmadangah community is located in Mount Anderson Station which is under pastoral lease, with the original owners being the shareholders. There are about 100 residents, a small primary school for the 25 children, a clinic, office, store and residential housing.

Harry"s tours show you the unspoiled beauty of the West Kimberley, the amazing formations of the Grant Ranges and the untamed Australian outback. You will see the traditional survival skills such as finding water and tracking which have been used by Aboriginal people for hundreds of years.

Tourists can choose from half-day, full-day or overnight tours which are arranged in conjunction with a full moon. Tours start at the community, and a chat with some of the residents is just the way to begin. The camels used in the safari — all with wonderful names such as Zuma and Jeffrey — are from the 40,000-odd roaming free in the desert.

Before the trips start, Harry"s brother John alerts the spirits that strangers are coming, but that he has invited them to visit the sacred site.

Not far from the community is a cave containing ancient rock art. Harry will explain the meaning of the drawings that were used by the Aboriginal people to keep track of each other way before people could write and read.

About an hour further on in a truly beautiful spot is another cave with rock art and natural springs. On an overnight trip you can camp here, or you might prefer to spend the night in the community. Swags are provided but you may want to take a sheet and pillow along.

One of the special things about Harry"s tours is that the entire community loves to be involved: the children perform a corroboree and everyone pitches in with food preparation. A typical meal is damper made in a camp oven, corned beef and potatoes. Delicious.


One-and-a-half hours" drive from Derby in the West Kimberley.


J-BAC Bush Adventures half-day tours start at $110 per person. Overnight camps cost $220 per person, including meals and gear. Tours operate from May to October.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

J-BAC Bush Adventures
Ph: 0417 922 335
Ph/Fax: (08) 9191 7458
Derby Tourist Bureau
Ph: 1800 621 426 (08) 9191 1426
WA Tourism Commission
Ph: 1300 361 351

Qantas: 13 13 13

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