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Karijini National Park.
Karijini National Park.
Take a dip at Karijini.

Karijini heli-camping

Thursday, October 12, 2000
Karijini is Western Australia's second largest national park. The best and most comfortable way to explore this fascinating part of Australia is by helicopter.

Karijini is Western Australia's second largest national park, coming in after Rudall River National Park to the east. Certainly the best and most comfortable way to explore this fascinating part of Australia is by helicopter.

Preston Helicopters flies to Karijini from Jandakot Airport the Auski Roadhouse in the Pilbara from April to September or you can take one of their scenic flights from Jandakot Airport in Perth. On weekends they have joyflights from the Perth City Helipad.

They have been operating since 1994, but their heli-camping tour is something new. They take a 20-minute flight over the national park, taking in Dales and Yampire gorges and the Chichester Ranges. You see plenty of mulga and fly over the abandoned asbestos mines of Wittenoon.

When you land at the campsite you can either pitch in and help set up or wander off, taking in the surroundings. You get to choose whether you sleep in a swag under the stars or in a tent and will enjoy an evening meal cooked on the campfire and a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs before heading off the next morning.

The campsite is tranquil and remote, inaccessible by road. A 15-minute walk takes you along a granite creek bed to some clear pools which turn into a very deep rock hole. The site also has a lone palm tree.

It's believed this area was an Afghan staging post and residence during the goldrush days. The Afghans and their camels came up through Meekathara and somehow survived in this harsh country. There are some ruins, though it's thought they were abandoned some 80 years ago.

The area is rich in Aboriginal culture and history. You can choose to have an Aboriginal guide from the local Bunjima tribe along on the trip to give deeper information about the area, bush tucker and medicine and their ways of living in the bush.


Karijini National Park in Western Australia's Pilbara region.


Preston Helicopter Services has one-night heli-camping trips starting from $825 for two people, including dinner, breakfast and camping gear. An Aboriginal guide costs $200. Heli-camping tours operate from April to September. They have other tours which run year round.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

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Preston Helicopter Services: Ph: (08) 9414 1000
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