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Surf the waves at Red Bluff

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Jason Dundas tucked his surfboard under his arm and headed for Quobba Station on the southern tip of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park, north of Carnarvon, half-way along the Western Australian coast.

The 75,000 hectare Quobba Station was established in 1898 and some of the original cottages surround the homestead. There's the blacksmith workshop, stables, overseer's residence, garage and jackaroos' quarters.

The surfing circuit pointed Jason towards the working pastoral property which has 80km of raw and rugged Indian Ocean coastline and the promise of uncharted waves.

Visitors are rewarded with stunning scenery where the desert hits the coast. Migrating whales rest there between April and August, and there's no shortage of other animal life — including turtles, dolphins, manta rays, kangaroos, bungarras, ospreys, emus and native goats. Just pack the 4WD with supplies, let someone know where you are heading and away you go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Quobba is run by the Meecham family who have hosted fishing fanatics for more than 40 years. Deep water means fish come almost to the homestead's doorstep allowing land-based game fishing. There's also plenty of rewarding snorkelling spots and isolated beaches to enjoy.

The Station Store has grocery items, ice, bait, tackle and some Quobba souvenirs. They also offer freezing facilities.

Accommodation ranges from camping to palm frond humpies, fishing shacks, chalets, shearing quarters and luxury eco-safari tents on top of the Red Bluff cliffs.

Red Bluff is about 60km north of the homestead and is where surfers are challenged by the Bluff Barrel, a cracking left-hand break.

Take time to visit the HMAS Sydney Memorial Cairn dedicated to the 645 Australian seamen who perished on November 19, 1941 during HMAS Sydney's battle with the German raider, Kormoran.

The best time to visit is between April and October.


Red Bluff is 130km north of Carnarvon and 1000km north of Perth in Western Australia.


Camping costs $10 per person a night and $2 for children. Humpies are $20 per person a night and $2 for children. Seascape Bungalows start at $55 a night and $35 per child. They are BYO linen. Ocean View Retreats start at $250 for twin accommodation per night with a two-night minimum stay, $70 for extra adults and $50 per child. Linen and sparkling wine are included. Prices quoted are for the low season.

Prices correct at 3 December, 2009.

For further information

Quobba Station
PO Box 708
Carnarvon 6701
Ph: (08) 9948 5001
Fax: (08) 9948 5001

Carnarvon Visitor Centre
Civic Centre
11 Robinson Street,
Carnarvon 6701
Ph: (08) 9941 1146
Fax: (08) 9941 1149

Coral Coast

User comments
first songs is kings of leon..... i want you, though i don't reckon thats the one your after.... 2nd one is donovan don't matter.... the 3rd one's kings of leon again with closer....last one is michael franti...he rocks!!! sweet little lies oh yeah....and ripping words from should never give away a secret surf spot
I watched it and although I can't remember the names of the songs, the artists were Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankenreiter. All their songs are good anyway so if you liked those there are bundles more you'll enjoy.
There were four songs used in the segment, 1.Kings of Leon - I Want You, 2. Donavon Frankenreiter - It Don't Matter, 3. Kings of Leon - Closer. I'm not sure what the last song was. Sorry. Hope this helps anyway. Caitlin
Tut, tut Jason - you have committed the ultimate surfing sin - a surfer in a commercial position revealing the secrets of a FANTASTIC, but somewhat secret surf locale to the whole of Australia's surfing population! It's great to see that little has changed about Red Bluff in 20 years - but your segment could change all that! Surely you know the surfers' code not to discuss specifics when revealing surfing hot spots and gems? Recall surf reports on the radio, surfing mags and surfing books & atlases - references to where it's going off, but no names or details. Nice wave by the way!
Great to see Quobba Station's Red Bluff so accurately promoted as the remarkable destination that it is.
Last nights segment was a cracker and looks like a top surfing site. The soundtrack to the segment was also great. Can you let me know who is was and the name of the tracks used please?
Can you please tell me what the music was that accompanied the item by Jason Dundas on The Red Bluff section of Getaway on Channel 9 last night (20 Feb). I would love to know the name of the song and the artist. Thanks for your help. Mary

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